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Top 10 Real Estate Agents in US + Tips to Learn from Them

There are a lot of real estate agents working in this business. Therefore, it might be a tough competitive industry. You need to have some distinguishable characteristics to be considered among the top ones.

Who Are the Top 10 Real Estate Agents in the USA?

By regarding all the issues, you can find some successful real estate agents. These people did their best to stay out from the crowd in this business. We are going to help you know the top ten real estate agents more and better.

1- Alexa Lambert

Alexa Lambert is the number one residential broker in the United States by The Wall Street Journal. The Wall Street Journal/Real Trends ranked Alexa the number one broker in New York City in both 2018 and 2017.

She works with individual buyers and sellers. Besides, Alexa has also used the negotiating and marketing skills she first learned. Additionally, she works with developers on some of Manhattan’s most successful and respected development projects, uptown and downtown.

Alexa Lambert has some important qualities that help her to be the number one. Patience, perspective, integrity, the ability to analyze data with context, and a sense of humor are the most important qualities she has.

Besides, Alexa Lambert believes that real estate transactions can be stressful for many reasons. Therefore, one of a broker’s most important roles is to listen to what people need and keep things calm.

2- Jade Mills

With sales of more than $6 billion, Jade Mills has become a world-renowned top real estate agent in Los Angeles and Beverly Hills. Because of her expertise in the Beverly Hills real estate market and her integrity, loyalty, and professionalism, Jade is favored by A-level celebrities, technical founders, and business leaders.

Added to these, Jade often takes the role of luxury real estate expert in the national media and appears as a keynote speaker at global real estate conferences.

In more than thirty years of professional career, Mills has sold more than $3 billion in sales and has consistently ranked as one of the largest producers in the country.

3- Serena Boardman

Serena joined Sotheby’s International Realty in 2001. Since then, she has sold more than $2.6 billion in real estate and has been consistently rated as a top producer.

The Wall Street Journal ranks Serena as the largest broker in the United States in terms of sales volume. Additionally, she is currently the highest-volume broker among Sotheby’s international real estate brokers.

She is one of the successful real estate agents who believe in social media marketing for the real estate industry. Specifically, she is active on Instagram. You can learn from Serena Boardman a lot by checking her activity on Instagram.

4- Tere Foster

She has more than 25 years of experience selling residential properties in Washington. Tere and Team Foster were active in this industry for a long time. Her team consists of some of the best real estate agents in the country.

Her key to success is so simple and practical at the same time. Likewise, her clients and colleagues praise her highly because of her high integrity, in-depth market knowledge, and incredible professional ethics.

You need to get more familiar with Tere Foster and her real estate marketing strategy. She can lead you to success.

5- Chris Cortazzo

His name is synonymous with Malibu, a rare breed of real estate agents who was born and raised in the famed coastal haven.

Chris Cortazzo has more than 25 years of experience. Among other real estate agents, he is famous for his natural charisma. Besides, he is laser-focused on clients in a way that makes them feel like there is no one else in the room.

What has made him the top is his dedication to clients? Many clients get surprised to find him warm and down-to-earth. Additionally, he has an uncanny ability to connect with them on a personal level. Chris is his clients’ greatest advocate, always keeping their interests top of mind.

6- Neil Bassi

Neill Bassi is a leading broker in San Francisco. He emphasizes confidentiality and provides customers with unparalleled access to rights, creative real estate marketing concepts, and extensive market knowledge.

Neill has brokered numerous sales of important homes and co-ops for $25M. He has a leading position in the real estate industry.

7- Deborah Rieders

The true proof of Deborah’s success is the way she has successfully dealt with all types of markets, whether it’s the low-end market, the high-end market, or anything in between. She often cooperates with buyers, sellers, and developers, so every transaction she handles has a subtle and comprehensive understanding of the market.

Deborah has used Instagram for better real estate marketing. She uses her experience in photography to be more successful in this industry.

8- Judy Citron

Judy brings a seasoned perspective to real estate that translates to successfully serving buyers and sellers in the mid-Peninsula.

She has designed, built, bought, and sold homes in the area since 1995. Specifically, she has unique skills, knowledge, professional relationships, and experience that make her unique in the industry.

9- Santiago Arana

Santiago Arana has closed billions of dollars of real estate across Los Angeles. He has taken his place among the most distinguished experts in the industry.

He ranked among the top agents driving the L.A. real estate market by The Los Angeles Business Journal.

His magnificent personality traits have made him one of the best real estate agents. In other words, Santiago is known for his exceptional work ethic, his sharp negotiation skills, stellar ability to close deals, and his warm, friendly personality. 

Santiago Arana has a strong social media presence as a realtor, specifically on Instagram. His network of contacts, professionalism, and passion for exceeding clients’ expectations combine to make Santiago the ideal choice for a wide variety of real estate needs and investments.


10- Tim Davis

They know him as an expert in the marketplace. Tim Davis boasts an accomplished 40-year real estate career listing and selling some of the finest properties in Hamptons.

In one year, Tim brokered six of the most important high-end sales on the East End at record prices.

All in all

In this article, we tried to introduce the ten most successful real estate agents in the US. We mentioned some of their strategies which led them to be the top real estate agent. It was distinguishable that all of them have a specific real estate social media strategy to move them forward. We tried to introduce them all.

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