Frequently Asked Questions

Create a free account and follow the on-screen prompts to get RealtorMate’s AI engine started. As it analyzes your page, you’ll be provided with suggestions on how to best manage your Instagram, and then you can select the subscription package that’s right for you.

If you select one of our managed programs like PostMate or PostMate+ Growth, you will be prompted to schedule your onboarding session with your dedicated RealtorMate where they will walk you through next steps.

Not ready to commit? No pressure! RealtorMate offers a number of free features that you can take advantage of. Try before you buy, or schedule a live session at any time to learn more.

When you select a PostMate or PostMate+ Growth program, we start by learning your style and business preferences, and then a professional design and IG expert will develop stunning templates and an initial 30 day content plan for your page. 

We then work daily to create content and post it to your page on your behalf using stock photos, original content, and reposts. Each week your RealtorMate will send upcoming posts for your approval or edits. Once content is approved, your RealtorMate will schedule it to your Instagram. No time to approve? No problem! If you do nothing, your upcoming posts will go live as scheduled. 

At any time, you can use the app to send a request for content. New listing? Just send a request and you’ll receive a post to approve within a day or two. Once approved, your RealtorMate will post it for you.

Growing followers is tedious work! RealtorMate can handle it for you with our PostMate+ Growth program. 

PostMate+ Growth is the Instagram growth solution for busy real estate professionals. The RealtorMate team of experts will create fresh content and perform manual growth activities (likes, comments, follows), while our AI technology generates new targeted followers.

First, we start by analyzing hashtags, locations, and competitor accounts using our AI system. This helps us generate a list of relevant people to draw to your page.

Our team then gets to work each day to engage with those users by liking their content, following them, and commenting to encourage them to follow your page. The RealtorMate Growth Service can earn you hundreds of new, targeted followers each month– no scam, spam, or fakes.

This is known as organic page growth. It takes time and effort, but it works!


RealtorMate features a streamlined system for new content requests. To request new content, simply email your RealtorMate or add your new content to your personal folder.

For new listing content requests you’ll be asked for the MLS Listing Number, link, and/or address, and any details about the listing you’d like to include. 

Your RealtorMate team will work on the post and once ready, you will be automatically notified via email with a link to the post. From there you can request revisions or approve the post to go live. As with all posts, if you do nothing your content will go live as scheduled.

Create a free RealtorMate account and connect your Instagram to use free features including:

  • Instagram post scheduling and repost
  • Bio-Link Creator
  • Post & Reward contest system
  • Social account monitoring and alerts
  • and more!

You can use any type of credit card or PayPal to purchase your subscription.

If you wish to cancel a subscription, simply click CANCEL subscription in your Account Settings. There are no long term commitments or cancellation fees associated with any subscription.

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