5 Creative Real Estate Marketing Strategies

It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or the most experienced real estate professional. If you want your offer to stand out in the market, you should focus on your real estate marketing strategies.

By habit, real estate agents spend almost all of their time operating their business through forms and systems. These have been taught to us in courses and we need to apply them. Nevertheless, a few agents have practical real estate marketing strategies to beat the competition and grow.

The Importance of Real Estate Marketing Strategies

The real estate market is constantly changing due to the advancements of different marketing tools, just like all other industries.

Nowadays, people search for everything from their homes through the internet, due to pandemics. Therefore, it is important to understand that sales will be a direct consequence of good real estate marketing strategies.

In other words, during these times, it has been vital to do everything possible to generate real estate leads, while protecting yourself and your clients from contracting and spreading the virus. Therefore, we can see that those realtors applying creative real estate marketing strategies have increased dramatically.

The Most Creative Real Estate Marketing Strategies

The real marketing strategies that can be found are numerous. Here, a list of the most creative real estate marketing strategies expected in 2021 is highlighted to help you understand the future of real estate agents.

In other words, by considering these strategies, you can find your best choice to push you forward in this industry.

1- Social Networks for Real Estate

This digital world has changed every aspect of our life. It has caused us to be more active in virtual life than the real one. Therefore, we have become a member of the social network to have a role in this digital life.

Considering all these aspects, we can find out the importance of real estate marketing strategies in social media.

A realtor should have a plan for developing his presence on social media. In other words, you should have a practical strategy that allows you to reach your target audience.

Besides, we know that it might be a difficult job to expand your business on social media. It needs a lot of experience and strategies to find your market on social media. Thus, the necessity of a professional group to help you out could be regarded.

Realtormate for Social Media Marketing Strategies

Realtormate is an app for real estate agents to improve their business on social media. This professional group can offer the most creative real estate marketing strategies. It allows you to grow your business on social media and specifically Instagram. Therefore, by growing your business on social media, your success would be guaranteed.

This magnificent growth would be achieved by practical real estate management services. They are Scheduling Service, DM Service, Post-Service, and Growth.

This expert group can give you a hand to expand your business on social media by providing different services. In other words, it is an excellent real estate marketing solution designed for the real estate industry to offer the best strategies.

These services can help you progress your account and brand ultimately. They cover up almost all aspects of the real estate marketing strategies.

2- Have Your Web Page with Search Engine and Blog

You should not only have a responsive website, and its content must be updated, but it must also be modern and efficient, your home page must have the ability to achieve a certain effect.

You have to be sure that you are offering what the buyers demand and not limit yourself to a showcase as a list with a search engine.

The websites that work best are those that almost at the beginning offers an advanced product search engine, for endless categories and characteristics, but this search engine is not the most important thing; before and through images and texts you have to show the company, your value differentiator, and transmit what produces a positive reaction in the user.

If your real estate company page does not have a section for a blog, you have to create it with WordPress. You can offer content that helps, advises, informs, and keeps your users loyal. It must be free content and added value. It is not to sell directly, it is to convert the passerby into a follower, the follower into a fan, and the fan into a prescriber or buyer.

3- Word-of-Mouth As Real Estate Marketing Strategy

Referrals from previous customers can help you generate several deals. A customer referral is most valued by a new buyer or seller. For example, selecting a real estate agent when referred by a friend, colleague, or relative new customers is more comfortable. You can always boost this approach by offering referral bonuses to the person who refers a new customer.

4- Real Estate Content Marketing Strategy

Due to the current reality of COVID-19, real estate agents are shifting their focus to less expensive real estate digital marketing services.

Realtors need to reduce their expenses to keep their businesses afloat during these periods of economic uncertainty. Thus, they should try to move away from direct marketing.

Therefore, producing useful content for potential clients through blogs, Zoom webinars, and YouTube videos can be efficient and economic. Moreover, real estate content marketing has been shown to produce approximately three times as many leads per dollar as paid search.

5- Video Marketing for Real Estate

Video marketing is here to stay, as it is one of the current star trends in real estate marketing.

We already know that, as a general rule, the user prefers to consume video before any other format. This is a perfect way to connect emotionally with your audience!

Here are some examples of how you can implement real estate videos in your marketing strategy. Can you think of others?

Promotional Videos

You can promote your company in an original, fresh, and close way thanks to video. Talking about your brand values and letting your work speak for you is much easier if we use video marketing.

Promotional Videos for Housing

What better way to show home than on video? Make a good product and use storytelling to tell a good story while showing the house.

Use drones to show your location, the environment, talk to neighbors or even current owners to explain the benefits of the neighborhood, and invite a buyer to be new to the neighborhood. You can also make live videos on social networks and create excitement around the acquisition of a new home.

Video with Customer Testimonials

Testimonial videos work very well, but you have to know how to do them. The best way to sell is by the experience of a selling client or a buyer client. This will connect much more with our target audience, who will first empathize with someone they identify.

Let’s not forget that we are talking about people, not houses. We are talking about helping people solve problems, and if people tell us how we have helped them solve that problem, we will have a lot to win. For example, you share a video of your previous clients as they are approving your great help.

To wrap it up

In this article, we tried to guide you for a better business. Five creative real estate marketing strategies were mentioned. Their strong points and weaknesses were clarified, as well. Besides, some useful apps were introduced to help you out.

This post was last modified on March 6, 2021 21:33