5 Killer Ways to Improve Your Social Media Presence as a Realtor

As you may have noticed, the world of real estate has become an online business. It used to be an industry that relied heavily on making multiple calls and traditional marketing. This business has now evolved into an industry that relies heavily on social media presence.

The Importance of Social Media Presence

As a real estate agent, you have realized the great importance of social media presence. It can be a generator of potential clients or “leads”. Social media presence has changed real estate marketing. In other words, it has become the main tool for an agent to generate trust and interest in current and future clients. But, even when most agents and realtors use social media, most fail to maximize their efficiency.

If you still do not use social networks or feel that you do not have the results you want, we have good news for you. You just have to make a few small changes in your real estate social media strategy to optimize your content, maximize your results and increase the recognition of your business.

How Do You Improve Your Social Media Presence as a Realtor?

Social media presence for realtors will play an increasing role in their market share opportunities. A professional realtor needs to consider this issue. He needs to do his best to get a higher share of the market.

In this section, you’ll find effective and practical ways to improve your social media presence.

1- Use Professionals to Have Efficient Social Media Presence

We mentioned that social media plays a vital role in your success. Besides, you need to optimize your social media presence by choosing the best one. Instagram is ideal for real estate because it is a visual social network, focused on images.

Instagram is an excellent platform to directly reach people who are looking to buy or sell a house. Many real estate businesses use it and have managed to grow their business extensively.

The first thing you should do is create the correct post on Instagram that captures the attention of your potential customers. It must be attractive and of great interest, since it is boring, and the unattractive post will be a waste of time and money. Some common posts that grab people’s attention include:

– Tips related to the purchase and sale of real estate for those who do not know the process

– Testimonials from past clients

– Contests where people participate to win a prize by liking and inviting their friends.

– Graphs of statistics and trends of the real estate market

In order to have great posts, and generally speaking, a perfect social media presence, you need to get help. The most important step that you need to take is having great support from professionals. There are a lot of agencies that can help to step forward, in this business. Realtormate is one of them. This expert group can lead you forward specifically in social media issues. 

It can provide you with effective services to boost your presence on social media, and help you make the best first step. These services are Direct Message serviceScheduling servicePostmate service, Hashtag generating service, Content producing service, and so on. All these services would ultimately help you to boost your presence on social media. A better and more professional presence on social media means finding more buyers for real estate.

2- Make Sure You Have a Website with a Modern “Look”

The first step for a better result on your social networks is having your website optimized. You need to make it look completely modern. Therefore, it must include high-resolution photographs, be easy to navigate and it must make the user feel interactive. Even though it is not part of the social network, it is very important that your page has a charming appearance.

Besides, you need to focus your efforts on creating content that adds value to your customers. Think about what you would like to know when you are going to buy or sell a property. Once you have the practical content, use the free tools to create a visually attractive and professional web page. 

Additionally, remember that your images must be of high quality, especially those of your properties. It is advisable to hire a photography service. If hiring a photographer is out of your budget, don’t worry; your smartphone has a lot of capacity to capture the perfect images.

3- Use Real Estate #hashtags to Optimize Your Content

Your page is ready, and it looks amazing. Thus, it is time to use the first strategy. Hashtags are a way of grouping content. You have probably seen them in other people’s posts and used them. They are mostly used on Instagram. Hashtags help you make your content easier to find. Using hashtags is a great way for anyone looking to buy or sell a house to find you on social media.

Besides, for having the best hashtags related to your content, you can use Realtormate. The hashtag generator service provides you excellent choices. It offers some top real estate hashtags. They can drive traffic to your website or social media account.

4- Use Famous Phrases in Your Content

A quick and easy way to create content for your social networks is to create posts that contain famous real estate phrases. They can be inspirational phrases. In other words, phrases that make you laugh or sayings about the realities of the real estate world.

There are thousands of phrases that you can use. You can use your own phrases or phrases that you know. It is possible to search the internet and select the ones that you like the most. Furthermore, they should make sense of your business.

Using customer testimonials is also a great way to create content for your social networks. When you close a deal, ask your customers for feedback and use it to promote your services.

5- Create a Blog to Publish Valuable Content for Your Clients

Today it is very common for real estate businesses to have a blog. On the other hand, many blogs are inactive or fail to deliver value to their readers. Hence, your blog posts should make your experience in the real estate field known. Besides, they should be optimized to attract new potential customers to your website and your social networks.

Take your time to make a list of possible article titles to create. Here are 3 examples of titles that can help you improve your digital marketing.

  • Tips on the things to know before selling or buying a house
  • Articles with information about the state and city where you work
  • Posts with information on trends and statistics of the real estate market
  • Recommendations on things to avoid when renting a property

Put yourself in the shoes of people who live outside the city and want to buy a house or in the shoes of a person who lives in the city and wants to buy a house. What would you like to know? The chances that someone else is thinking about the same thing as you are very great.

It is recommended that you make a calendar and assign the frequency in which you are going to publish content. Therefore, start with 1 blog post per month. This combined with the posts on your social networks will increase your online presence. In other words, it keeps your business brand in the minds of potential buyers and sellers.

What you should avoid is over-selling on your posts. You must bear in mind that social networks are a platform to have bilateral communication to interact with your potential clients and it is not a simple megaphone to offer your properties. Give value to your customers so that when the time is right, you and your business are the first to come to mind.

The influence of social networks and digital marketing has had a great impact on real estate businesses. Social networks have changed the way businesses interact with their customers and have made companies be more interactive and personalized for their market.

Digital marketing on social media is a long and persistent career. Businesses must be constant in their publications to maintain their presence at all times. Time is a very scarce resource in the real estate business so using content creation tools is very important. By maintaining a constant and optimized stream of social media content, and advertising, real estate businesses perform better.

To wrap it up

In this article, we offered you five ways to improve your social media presence. We tried to introduce you to some practical hints which can move you forward to apply a useful strategy. These tips would guarantee your success as a real estate agent.

This post was last modified on April 13, 2021 12:13