The ultimate guide to finding top real estate hashtags in 2021


Using relevant hashtags in your social media posts can help people who are searching for those keywords, find your tweets and posts, and potentially follow you. Therefore, when it comes to real estate hashtags the same story goes on.

On the other hand, if you use some irrelevant or wrong hashtags your marketing won’t be efficient.

This post will outline some ways you can research and discover the top 2021 real estate hashtags that people in this industry are searching for.

How to Find Top Real Estate Hashtags in 2021?

There are different strategies that can help you find the best real estate hashtags. We are going to introduce some of these useful strategies to help you be the leading one.

What Hashtags Real Estate Influencers are using?

Influencers in the real estate industry are already using a bunch of hashtags that are both popular and highly relevant to your audience. When you just visit their accounts on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter you can simply find what real estate hashtags they use for their posts. This could help you light up your way as a real estate agent or even a client.

In particular, if you want to find the top influencers in the real estate business, type in a keyword or real estate hashtag, and get a list of top influencers who use this hashtag. You can even sort influencers by how influential they are, their specialization, and their number of followers.

Try Some Packs of Hashtags by Websites

When you want to find top real estate hashtags, you can get some help from some professional website or groups which provide you with the best real estate hashtags, and by using their help you can increase the number of your followers and the rate of their engagement.

Furthermore, there are some other websites that can help you find top real estate hashtags. One of them is top-hashtags which can be a reliable source if you want to find the best choice of hashtags in your business.

As well as that, another choice could be the best-hashtags. Realtormate provides you with some ranges of hashtags related to your category which is real estate here. In other words, by creating an account on this website, you have the opportunity to find any related hashtags in the hashtag generator service.

Use Different Types of Hashtags

As you are dealing with the real estate business you have a variety of choices as you are working. Moreover, this business is fully connected with location and community. Therefore, not only the common real estate hashtag can aid you to grow more, you can use geotags as well. Besides, finding the best geotags related to your property and using them properly can help you find more organic and active followers on your social media account. The best related geotags can lead you to the top.


Real Estate Hashtags and Different Social Media

Particularly, the issue that we need to consider as we are finding top real estate hashtags is that for a different social media account you need to know the strategy of that social media and use the most suitable one. These hashtags must be fully matched with that specific social media.

Facebook Hashtags

Obviously, Facebook hasn’t grasped how to use hashtags compared to some other platform audiences.  Also, Facebook doesn’t really promote their use.

By the way, as you are using real estate hashtags on Facebook, these issues must be considered.

Using 1 hashtag results in the most engagement on a Facebook post 

Including 10 or more hashtags in one Facebook post may decrease engagement.

Based on the research by Social Bakers, using 1-2 hashtags results in optimal engagement on your Facebook post.

How many can you actually use?  Up to the maximum number of characters, Facebook allows in a post.

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Instagram Real Estate Hashtags

You can list many reasons to use hashtags on Instagram. Clearly, posts with hashtags get 12% more engagement than the one without.

Furthermore, if you use hashtags, your posts will be exposed to a larger number of potential clients. Using hashtags is a great way to get more followers on Instagram.

Besides, real estate hashtags place your posts in this category, and people following this category can discover your posts. This can result in them discovering you too.

In other words, hashtags play a vital role in the case of engagement rate and finding organic followers on Instagram. They have the responsibility of the search engine on this social media.

Instagram allows up to 30 hashtags per post. If you don’t have enough time, or you simply want to professionally handle your business on Instagram, Realtormate can provide you with the best options.



Twitter Real Estate Hashtags

Twitter hashtags help categorize your tweet and can help users find your tweet in a particular content category.

They can be used as a private party conversation.  Apart from this, when someone clicks on a hashtag within the Twitter platform you’ll see an array of tweets surrounding that hashtag.

Pinterest Real Estate Hashtags

The Pinterest platform serves as a visual search engine.  Its users enter a topic in the top section, in the search area, and visual pins pop up and show in their feed.

Moreover, it’s important to understand what pins show up in the Pinterest search engine feed, so you use hashtags correctly in your Pinterest marketing strategy.

Type in various words related to your market such as New York Real Estate; New York Homes; Homes in New York and various other topics related to your area.  See what shows up in your Pinterest search.

Top Real Estate Hashtags in 2021

As you have considered, hashtags play a vital role in progressing your business. It is a strong tool that can increase the rate of engagement. You can use the hashtag generator service in Realtormate.

In this part we will help you directly to find top real estate hashtags in 2021. The list below can be amazing.

  1. #realestate
  2. #realtor
  3. #home
  4. #greatvalue
  5. #brokerage
  6. #homes
  7. #househunting
  8. #Realtors
  9. #HUDhome
  10. #foreclosure
  11. #homegoals
  12. #housegoals
  13. #investmentproperty
  14. #emptynest
  15. #listing
  16. #luxuryrealestate
  17. #mansion
  18. #realestateagent
  19. #makememove
  20. #openhouse
  21. #luxuryliving
  22. #broker
  23. #cornerlot
  24. #culdesac
  25. #locationlocationlocation
  26. #rentalproperty
  27. #livinginparadise
  28. #renovated
  29. #homeforsale
  30. #offmarketlisting
  31. #pocketlisting
  32. #newlisting
  33. #largeyard
  34. #fencedyard
  35. #granitecounters
  36. #eatinkitchen
  37. #motherinlawsuite
  38. #motherinlawapartment
  39. #lowmaintenanceliving
  40. #possibleVRBO
  41. #closetoschools
  42. #petfriendly
  43. #dogsokay
  44. #catsokay
  45. #condo
  46. #townhouse
  47. #brownstone
  48. #frontporch
  49. #parking
  50. #curbappeal

To sum up

in this blog, we tried to help you be familiar with some strategies to find top real estate hashtags in 2021. Don’t underestimate the power of hashtags and use them as proper as possible.

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