Top 10 Pro Tips for the Perfect Real Estate Headshots in 2021

Realtor headshots are essential in their marketing, but many of them do not care too much or do not pay the necessary attention.

We have all seen agents who have a photograph of themselves from when they were 20 years old in their CV, on their website, or on their social networks. Is there glamour in that? The problem is that people are vain by nature. Most don’t like any pictures of themselves, so when they find one they like, they tend to stick with it forever. Do not do that!

As a matter of fact, you need to change your profile picture every so often because we all change over time. In addition, the realtor headshots are, in a way, his brand. The last thing you need is someone to look at you and say, “Wow, you look nothing like your picture!”

Your real estate headshot is key to your success in an increasingly digital world. As prospective clients search for agents online, the first chance to make an impression is with realtor headshots.

How Can Realtor Headshots Impress?

The right realtor headshots can make you seem friendly, engaging, trustworthy, and professional. That means it’s worth the investment to make sure you take your real estate headshot right, the first time.

In other words, we can say that realtor headshots are in the vanguard of your marketing, and they can tell others who you are and how professional you look.

Yeah, that’s right. Some people judge the book by its cover. Therefore, you can be sure that your headshot would put your best face forward.



How Can You Take the Perfect Realtor Headshots?

You may think that a new realtor for his headshot obeys just a very simple formula, finds a professional photographer, schedules a shoot, shows up, and smiles. Honestly speaking, there is more than that to build success.

We are going to discuss what you should do and what you should avoid in realtor headshots. Here are 10 tips to help you get the perfect shot.

1- Go to a Professional Photographer

There is no room for selfies in realtor headshots. Invest a little money and find a professional photographer. It is true that a studio photographer can do an excellent job, but you must make sure that he has the possibility to leave his studio. If not, find a photographer who can move from his location.


2- Location Matters for Realtor Headshots

Choose a fund that complements your specialty. Do you sell beachfront properties? Take your picture on the beach. Do you take care of golf course properties? Go to one of them. Do you specialize in a particular place? What about using one of the most prominent landmarks of that place you chose? If this is not possible, the professional solid color background is just as successful. So move and don’t take all photos in just one place.

3- Smiling Makes People Trust You More

Some real estate agents, especially younger men, think that to look professional in their headshot, a stone-faced blank expression beats out a warm smile. After all, lots of very powerful people look serious in their headshot.

If you’re considering going with the stern look, you should be aware that a study at the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Biology showed that smiling increases trust and make people judge you like more “honest.”

4- Get the Electronic Versions

Probably you use avatar essays on the internet (for your website and social networking) with more frequency than the form of impression. Use electronic photo formats (ideally, JPG, PNG, TIFF, and GIF) at the highest possible resolution. Photographic studios are generally not the only electronic formats available. No permits such as dams can be used to scan an image, the temperature is not high, and it is probable that the author’s photographs are broken.


5- No Uses Accessories for realtor headshots

Avoid using things like a cell phone, a cash register, or a mascot. The accessories are distorted and can be compared to professional ones. Take a photo of yourself and be enlightened.

6- Wear Something Professional

when it comes to realtor headshots, clothes are always a question. But the answer is very easy. Talk to your photographer and ask him about the harmony of clothes and colors. Furthermore, wear something to make you feel confident. Moreover, it should be comfortable too.

7- Don’t Strike a Pose in Your Realtor Headshots

A cheesy, stiff, or overly posed image is not appropriate when it comes to realtor headshots. On the other hand, crossing your arms will make you appear closed off, and tilting your head too much can look unprofessional.

The best pose for a real estate agent headshot is a natural and approachable stance like you would stand if you were spending time with your friends.


8- No Abuses of Photoshop for Realtor Headshots

It’s fine to use photo editing software to fix minor details, like removing a blemish that appears in the image, but you shouldn’t abuse that. Changing the color of the eyes or the hairstyle never benefits anyone. What you should look for is that in the shot you look like you, not like a cartoon or an artistic representation of you.

9- Do Research for Your Real Estate Headshot

You shouldn’t go into a professional photoshoot just hoping for the best. Take a look at other real estate agents’ headshots to see what you like. One of the great sources could be Realtormate. They can provide you with lots of realtor headshots to help you choose the best style.

10- Keep your Realtor Headshots Up-to-Date

A photo that is too old will make you appear out of touch and careless. As a general rule, it’s a good idea to update realtor headshots every couple of years. Clients are more likely to trust you if you look just like your real estate headshot, so it’s worth the investment to get a new one when you need it.

To wrap it up

here we brought some simple tips to improve realtor headshots. Therefore, they better reflect you, your business, and your brand. Consider these tips and have your perfect real estate headshot or simply ask Realtormate professional group to help you out.

This post was last modified on July 21, 2021 19:30