Instagram Real Estate Content Ideas for Feed and Stories

Instagram’s feed and stories are two different tools that we can apply to improve our account. As a realtor, real estate content ideas for feed and stories are crucial. Therefore, do your best to prepare the best real estate content ideas.

If you’re already using Instagram but with little effort, remember that fresh real estate content ideas are necessary to increase engagement.

With more and more realtors trying their best on Instagram Marketing, it’s important to stay out from the crowd. Added to this, more than 200 Million Instagrammers visit at least one Business profile daily, therefore, you need to reach users organically using innovative and organically-made real estate content.

Differences Between Real Estate Content Ideas for Feed and Stories

Instagram Stories” are vertical photos or videos, up to 15 seconds, that disappear after 24 hours after posting. Instead of being displayed in the feed, they’re displayed at the top of an active user’s app when they’re logged in and are tapped through to view. The newsfeed houses your posts indefinitely or until you manually delete them. Thus, real estate content ideas for them could differentiate a little. Here we will try to introduce some practical notes about real estate content ideas to help you win the game.

What Are Real Estate Content Ideas for the Instagram Feed?

The first point that you need to consider as you are going to post on Instagram, is timing. You need to specify a time each week to post. The positive point about Instagram is that you don’t need to post at your office desk. You can do it as you are sitting on public transportation heading back home.

Besides, there are different tools you can use to help you create real estate content ideas. These professional apps such as Realtormate can help you ultimately. One of the excellent features of this app is Social Calendar. It provides you with the events of every day based on the calendar. Besides, you can schedule some days to post which is helpful as you are working professionally in the real estate industry.


With a social calendar, you won’t miss any appropriate opportunities to post on your account. It can inform you of the best time to post and get the highest engagement rate.

The best real estate Instagram accounts are a mix of both branded, professional content and fun, personal content. Too much-branded content is a little boring. You can include plenty of details about your business and work life. Here we will give 5 real estate content ideas for the Instagram feed.

1- Your Personal Life

All of us have some climax and interesting life events. Share them with your followers. It provides intimacy and mutual feeling. They can help you build trust.

It can be a photo of your pet, a restaurant you went to, or an accident you had with your car.

2- Photos and Videos of your Properties

A realtor must provide a variety of images from his properties and videos. This visual content must have the highest quality possible. Hire a photographer to help you out. A photo from different angles of a property could be an excellent choice.

3- Real Estate Content Ideas as You Are on the Job

Real estate agents see interesting situations all the time. The strange bar at a new listing?  Odd backyard during a showing? Mishap? Post about them! This is the kind of stuff that keeps people in stitches.

Try to keep things on the positive side. It’s probably not a good time to complain about how hard it is to be a real estate agent.

4- Your Team Can Be a Good Idea

You’re probably constantly in meetings with your team or at other events with them. Share your photos and show everyone how much you love working with your team and how much fun you have together.

You can tag team members in the post. Added to this, it is possible to give a few details about something interesting you did or talked about. Furthermore, you would be able to take a minute to move extra water bottles or other unsightly things out of the picture. These issues could be creative real estate content ideas.

5- Some Practical Information

As a realtor, you can post some useful information about the process of buying a house or repairing it. You can feed your followers with some legal notes that must be considered in buying a house. It would be great if you talk about different mortgages. Knowledge is power. Share it with your followers.


What Are Real Estate Content Ideas for Instagram Stories?

Instagram Stories have changed the way brands capture their audience’s interest. To tell you the truth, the majority of popular Stories content comes from businesses.

The appeal comes from the original factor that makes brands relatable. Added to this, the interactive elements which have no limit in your creativity to engage your followers.

Besides, there are some experts who can help you efficiently. One of them is Realtormate. They can give you some innovative ideas to share eye-catching stories on your Instagram. Here we will tell some of these innovative real estate content ideas for Instagram stories.

1- Use Poll to Highlight

As you may know, there is an opportunity on Instagram stories that can help you to put something to vote. Use it as an opportunity to increase your followers’ engagement. It can be about key elements in the home or the design of the living room.

2- Using Emoji Slider for Real Estate Content Ideas

It is fun and engaging to use this option in your stories. You can measure your follower’s interest in different aspects. People want to work with those they can trust. By increasing their engagement, you can build it up.

3- Client Testimonials

You don’t know how effective it can be. It can be a screenshot of chats by their permission, a short video that shows their satisfaction, or a photo as they are giving a smile. Try it and you would see the result.

4- Your Hobbies or Interests Outside the Real Estate

It can help them to know you better. As it happens, they consider the point that you can be a realtor who can help them with buying or selling their properties. In other words, people like to deal with those they know more.

5- Tips for Buying/Selling a Home

Daily tips and quotes could motivate your potential clients. It can trigger them to suggest your account to others as a practical and helpful page that can add something to them.

To wrap it up

We tried to help you with the best and innovative real estate content ideas for both Instagram feed and stories. You can read it and get the point or simply ask the professional Realtormate group to help you win the game and provide you with the best real estate content.

This post was last modified on April 14, 2021 15:39