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5 Reasons to Hire Newly Licensed Real Estate Agents

If you’re running a real estate brokerage, then you know how important it is to hire productive real estate agents. This is why the experienced ones are always in high demand: they’re able to close deals more efficiently and maintain healthy client relationships with ease, and thus make big contributions to business growth.

However, there’s also merit in hiring newly licensed real estate agents. Much like fresh graduates, newly licensed real estate agents can bring a lot to the table—although it’s certainly understandable if you have some reservations. There’s always that risk in investing something that’s virtually untested. Still, new agents are often worth a shot. Here are some reasons to hire them for your brokerage:

They’re Fresh Talent to Hone and Nurture

If there’s one thing that’s common in real estate agents who only recently received their license is that they’re unpredictable. They might not know yet what they’re looking for in a brokerage, so they also might not stay for long until they find “the one.” Still, hiring newly minted agents can be quite rewarding. In particular, you’ll have the privilege in honing and nurturing their talent and be in the front row in witnessing their eventual success.

Of course, there’s still a chance that they’ll still eventually transition to another brokerage after you’ve trained them. However, don’t treat it as a waste. Rather, consider it free advertising for you; when your competitors and potential clients see how well real estate agents turn out under your company’s tutelage, your reputation will enjoy a considerable boost.

Here’s a tip to help you find young agents with potential: Get Brokerkit if you haven’t yet. This CRM is an awesome tool for agent recruitment and retention, allowing you to find talented individuals through the help of automation, integration, and access to complete, accurate data.

They’re Tech Savvy

You can be a real estate agent at any age, but it’s also reasonable to assume that many of the newly licensed ones are part of Gen Z. They’re digital natives, and therefore, they’re more tech savvy. This means that if you have tech tools (which you should), young agents will be able to master how to use them quickly. They can then transfer this knowledge to their coworkers, resulting in increased efficiency and productivity.

They’re Enthusiastic

Think of a newly licensed real estate agent as a child who just learned a new skill: they’re eager to show it off. This is especially true for someone in the younger age bracket, who likely also recently finished school, eager to prove their worth and make a mark in the world. These real estate agents can bring a much-need spike of energy into your team. Their enthusiasm also means you can count on them to work hard, ready to take on any challenge.

(Of course, this is not to say that tenured, experienced agents aren’t enthusiastic about their jobs! They can be more reserved after years in the industry, but they’re definitely still competent and able to keep up with new blood.)

They Provide Fresh Perspective and Innovative Ideas

What’s great about those who are new to the real estate industry is that they can view things from a completely new perspective. Newly licensed real estate agents are technically outsiders when they first join any brokerage because they haven’t been immersed for very long. Thus, when they’re faced with problems, they can approach it with innovative solutions.

Young real estate agents may also be more daring when it comes to their ideas. For more established brokerages, these employees can bring a breath of fresh air into the working environment. There’s nothing wrong with tried-and-tested concepts and processes but there’s nothing wrong with exploring new avenues, either!

They’re Excited to Learn

The real estate industry continues to evolve over the years, especially because of the fast-paced development of technology. This simply means that continuous education and practical training are important to stay competitive—and you can count on new agents to be more than happy to learn. What’s even better is that they’re already bringing in their own tech expertise to complement your training programs. In short, freshly licensed agents are excellent learners.

Again, there’s a bit of a risk involved when you hire a real estate agent with virtually no experience. However, hiring a long-time agent isn’t completely risk-free, either. Besides, when you hire newly licensed agents, you give yourself the opportunity to cultivate home-grown talent.

The key here is to strengthen your screening process so you can be reasonably sure about those you hire. Experience is important, but there’s also a lot to be said about potential and attitude. It’s also a good idea to look for not just those who fit your company culture, but also those who can add to it—and a newly licensed agent might just be that person!