Having a real estate CRM that adapts to your real estate needs is essential for the success of your agency. If you are interested in knowing the best CRM for real estate in 2021, continue reading.

What Is a CRM in Real Estate?

A CRM for real estate helps you manage your customers. It is helpful when they are prospects (potential buyers) until they have already bought from you as a real estate agent. Besides, if they need support or follow-up, real estate CRM software can be helpful.

Nowadays, real estate CRM software can provide you a lot of opportunities. They have evolved and are capable of performing many more tasks.

CRMs for real estate can help you manage marketing campaigns, the organization of work teams, and reporting of results.

A real estate CRM is software for the real estate industry that facilitates the management of real estate agents and advisers. Mainly, it allows you to keep track of all your contacts. It is an organized system that helps the business stay current in the minds of customers. More specifically, real estate CRM software is used to manage and analyze the data. This is done throughout the life cycle of the clients. Its ultimate goal is to enhance the relationship you have with them. The realtor CRM software is responsible for capturing customer data. For this, it uses different contact channels between the client and the company. These cover the company website, phone, live chat, direct mail, marketing strategies, and social media.

How Much Does a Real Estate CRM Cost?

If we want to talk about the pricing strategies of realtor CRM software, it would not be easy to find a fixed price. In other words, the pricing of different CRMs for real estate can make you feel confused.

Generally speaking, the costs of Paid CRM systems start from around $12 per user per month for small businesses.

Besides, the real estate CRM pricing range goes from $50 to $150 per user per month for more advanced packages for larger enterprises. The most expensive CRM systems charge $300 per user, per month, or more.

12 Best Real Estate CRM Software

We mentioned the pricing strategies of realtor CRM software, and we clarified what realtor CRM software is. Here, we will introduce the Best real estate CRM software. Additionally, we mention their positive and negative points as well.

1- Realtormate’s CRM

Realtormate is one of the most professional apps in the real estate industry. It can provide a lot of options for a real estate agency. You can see it as a real estate Instagram tool. Besides, this app can be considered as a real estate CRM software.

DM part is an excellent choice to get connected with new or existing Instagram followers. It is possible to get leads, reward followers, hold contests, and more to use a focused DM campaign by this specific feature.  Considering this feature enables you to specify a default message, set targeting, and click on Start DM

There are some other opportunities in this real estate CRM. You can use automated messaging, auto-replies, and welcome messages to people who started to follow you. 

Based on the Instagram algorithm, you can not send one specific DM to different people. Hence, your account will be restricted. Therefore, you need to personalize your message in the DM part by using a changeable message like {Hi|Hello|Hey} @username, {Thanks|Thank you} for your content. In this regard, each follower receives a unique message. 

You can DM different people with a simple click. You have the opportunity to send DMs to each existing follower, new follower, followers of competitor accounts, or people who use specific hashtags, quickly with merely a click.

Never leave a DM without an answer for days at a time. It is possible to get all your DMs directly in your email inbox. You can even reply to them by email. It can be any Email source such as Gmail, Yahoo, etc.

Thus, you don’t need to worry about switching between apps anymore.  Considering this feature, you have access to your DMS and Emails together.  Besides, you can also return your deleted Instagram messages and see the old ones!

Furthermore, there are some other services in Realtormate. These services can help you move forward and expand your business more effectively. 

They are Post-Service, Scheduling Service, DM Service, and Growth. All aspects of the real estate business are covered thoroughly, and you can be a successful real estate agent by applying them.

The other important factor is the pricing strategy. Realtormate has a flexible one. Thus, there is an opportunity to use it for free for one month. Then, if you like it, you can pay. It starts from free services to almost $399 per month for VIP services. Besides, you have some other choices as well. 

2- Zoho CRM

This is the most complete and used tool of all, just great. It allows you to manage each real estate point from internal communication, assign tasks, and create marketing campaigns and sales processes. Besides, it has a mobile app and many more features.

Its modern design and capabilities make it a perfect tool for real estate companies looking to take the next step.

3- LionDesk

We can call it the best real estate CRM. This is different from the rest of the CRMs for real estate in the market. It has done the fundamentals well. You can improve it as your business grows. Furthermore, using the 30-day free trial that doesn’t even require a credit card is possible.

They have a consistent commitment to improving their products. It is rolling out new features continuously. They support their customers 24 hours. It would help you trust this real estate CRM software.

The pricing range is sensible as well. It offers three plans ranging from $21 to $99 per month, depending on which package you choose and whether you bill annually or monthly.

4- Zillow Premier Agent CRM

The Zillow Premier Agent CRM gives you professional insights for clients. Besides, you can see your clients’ Zillow search activity right within the real estate CRM. It gives you the information you need to serve them best. Zillow also offers a free mobile app that allows you to respond to real estate leads and run your business on the go.

Besides, we should mention that this realtor CRM software is free.

5- Streak CRM for Real Estate

The streak may be the right CRM for a Google Workspace evangelist. You can track deals in your Gmail inbox by using this app. Besides, you can save time by managing your contacts in your existing inbox without switching systems.

You can use this CRM directly on your Chrome browser, shortening onboarding significantly by removing the adoption phase. Install the free extension, and you’re ready to use the tool with your Google apps.

The pricing range starts from 15$ to 129$ monthly, which could be considered expensive based on its facilities.

6- Top Producer

Top Producer has been working hard to keep up with the needs of real estate professionals. Besides, it also foresees the future set of requirements. It can provide lots of extra value to your business.

Top Producer provides a lot of choices. Using email automation, you can include data about sold statistics and what’s currently on the market.

Top Producer has three different pricing options. They range from $33.33 per month up to $80 per month. The costs depend on which plan you choose and whether you plan on paying annually or monthly.

7- Bitrix24

Bitrix24 suggests some pro multimedia features within an accessible CRM interface. Applying this app, real estate agents can communicate directly with leads and clients through social media messenger, live video chat, call-back forms, and phone-in chat. It also has management tools that offer complete project visibility, helping you keep deadlines in check. The pricing strategy starts from 19$ to 156$.

8- Wise Agent

We should mention that Wise Agent is a powerful real estate agent CRM.

It offers time management tools, transaction management, advanced automation, and a central database for all of your client information. Wise Agents can provide the opportunity to manage every area of your business in one place.

It can help you be much organized in the real estate marketing process. This discipline would bring you more chances, as well.

9- Rethink CRM

Rethink CRM is a robust app designed for real estate brokers and commercial real estate professionals. Rethink real estate agent CRM helps users track and manage every aspect of their clients. They can observe capital markets and development projects.

Applying this CRM real estate software, you never lose track of any communication with clients. You can also find properties for your clients and send a Property Teaser brochure with the click of a button.  For pricing issues, you need to contact them.

10- Close

Close is a real estate client management company with built-in sales automation. We can say that its features are most appealing to real estate professionals. It has built-in calling and SMS, two-way email sync, and a comprehensive search feature. Therefore, you don’t have to look for prospect information again.

The pricing choices start from 21$ to 123$ per month, which is a reasonable range according to their features.

11- NetHunt CRM

This realtor CRM is specifically created for real estate agents and agencies. This tool boosts Google Workspace. It allows you to close deals, manage contacts, and organize buyer profiles directly in your Gmail web app.

You can have all of the client’s data within your Gmail account. Hence, you have access to critical documents and previous conversations. Therefore, you don’t lose track of any details. The pricing strategy starts from 24$ and goes up to 99$ for the complete package.

12- Freshworks CRM

Freshworks provides a simple platform suitable for real estate professionals who want contact management without a cluttered interface.

It is user-friendly and straightforward. The platform has a good range of features, such as lead scoring and a built-in phone system. Thus, you can keep all your lead communications in one place.

You can pay from 29$ to 125$ based on the features you use monthly.

13- Salesmate CRM for Realtors

The fact is, manual tasks eat up time and don’t let you do what you do best: sell and close deals. Now, real estate agents can reduce manual tasks to a minimum and focus on building relationships with buyers and sellers.

How can Salesmate CRM help you?

It is a CRM for realtors to automate your entire sales process from lead generation through to close, including everything from emailing leads, following up with potential buyers and sellers,  generating reports, and more. It also integrates with 700+ apps which will help you to manage everything on one platform.

You can manage your sales pipeline with Salesmate CRM that supplies comprehensive reports that show how you’re performing against your goals at any given moment. This means it’s easy for you to monitor and manage your monthly selling performance without having to break out spreadsheets.

What Is the Best Real Estate CRM?

It might be difficult work to choose the best real estate CRM software. It can be a key to success if you can find the best one. This software should cover different aspects. From managing incoming requests to preparing price quotes and selling a property, the real estate CRM takes care of comprehensive process management for real estate agencies. With dynamic capabilities on both desktops and mobiles, you’ll have more time to focus on each deal and grow your business.

Considering all these aspects, RealtorMate could be a good choice since it has a good background in realtor social media marketing.

Besides, the features it offers and the pricing strategy are reasonable based on the facilities it has.

All in all

We tried to offer a comprehensive guide for choosing CRMs for real estate. We mentioned their pros and cons, and besides, we talked about their pricing strategies. Additionally, we said the best real estate CRM, as well.

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