Do you want to know which are the best real estate marketing companies? They stand out from the rest for offering various digital services of the best quality.

Currently, marketing agencies have gained notoriety because SMEs and multinationals understood the importance of the web. The presence of a brand on the Internet allows you to attract more customers than with traditional media.

This is why good management of the website and social networks is essential. However, Marketing Agencies are also in charge of establishing strategic online campaigns, logo creation, web design, maintenance, and optimization of the pages, among others.

Is Real Estate Marketing Important?

The main cause that many real estate agents have low productivity is to give more importance to the sale than to the real estate marketing. Therefore, when the foundations of personal real estate marketing are not well established, sales cannot be easily obtained.

Thus, we can easily feel the importance of real estate marketing companies and their role in making them successful.

What Is Real Estate Marketing?

On many occasions, inexperienced real estate agents tend to confuse or combine sales strategies with real estate marketing strategies, resulting in a low level of sales and success. Let’s first see the difference between one and the other.

Real estate marketing: It refers to all those actions that a real estate agent or a real estate agency carries out in order to get, contact, attract and help their potential clients.

Real estate sale: It refers to the activities that the real estate agent carries out to finalize the sale of a property and also build customer loyalty.

Hence, It is always advisable to have a team of professionals in the field of the digital world, who can help you train and tackle this new style of work.

Implement Good Real Estate Marketing Strategies

Unlike general belief, putting together real estate marketing strategies does not always require carrying out a huge budget. However, it only needs a good real estate analysis and implementation to reach your potential clients and, above all, obtain results and captures.

You must learn and understand how people do, both online and offline. Thus, you can find information about the rental, sale, or purchase of properties, land, or real estate of any kind. Only then can you discover the optimal way to intercept them, attract them, and, most importantly, help them get what they want.

A real estate agent without real estate marketing strategies is simply doomed to fail. It is absolutely necessary to implement well-structured marketing campaigns to achieve constant, fast, and easy sales.

Top 5 Real Estate Marketing Companies

Sometimes looking for a Real Estate Marketing Agency can be complicated; there are so many that it is difficult to find the best one. That is why today, we want to help you by giving you the top five. We will point out its most important characteristics and the address of its office.

1- Realtormate

It can suggest the best real estate marketing strategies. Realtormate can offer the most practical real estate marketing services, as well.

It is crystal clear that social media is playing an inevitable role in this new world. Therefore, you need to be active in this category. Realtormate can provide you with everything you need to do real estate marketing.

You can see the most effective services for real estate marketing. These marketing services can help you in different aspects of social media marketing. These services are:

  • Instagram Account Growth Service
  • Postmate Service
  • Hashtag Generating Service
  • Direct Message Service
  • Scheduling Service
  • Content Producing Service

All these services would ultimately help you to boost your presence on social media. A better and more professional post on social media means better real estate marketing.

Applying Instagram Account Growth Service would do anything you need to have the best Instagram account. In other words, it makes your followers have deep engagement with you and your business. You can trust it to have a growth-guaranteed Instagram account.

Postmate service can provide you with the best real estate Instagram posts. These Instagram posts can make clients have more engagement. Besides, you can use the Scheduling service to post them at the right time. On the other hand, you can bring the highest traffic to your account with the help of the Hashtag Generator service. Hence, you can see that all these services help you in different aspects to generate more leads. 

Direct message service is a great choice for real estate marketing. It can answer your direct messages on Instagram automatically with different choices. Therefore, with those answers, you can absorb a lot of potential clients.

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The pricing strategy of this company is very flexible. There are many facilities that you can use for free. Besides, there are some other premiums and very helpful choices that you can apply for by paying from $49 to $399.

2- Revamped Real Estate

Brett Ratkowksi, Karan Sanghavi, and Aaron Martinez are the co-founders of “Revamped Real Estate.” Revamped Real Estate is a real estate brokerage company that uses its two-step blue ocean technology to differentiate itself from the competition.

When they work with agents and brokers with varying experience and annual experience, they are currently working with well-known people in the real estate field, such as Joshua Smith, Chantel Ray.

You can trust this company to do your marketing. Specifically, they are professionals in real estate video marketing. As you may know, this marketing strategy is very effective. It can help you get a lot of clients. The pricing strategy for this company is not available.

3- InMotion Real Estate-Media

InMotion Real Estate Media is a real estate marketing company specializing in high-quality media creation for real estate brokerages. 

The platform offers web development and general marketing services but specializes in graphic design and video production. Added to this, these services are available at a custom pricing structure and are best for brokerages that want eye-catching visual branding materials.

The pricing information isn’t available through the InMotion website. 

Since the graphic design and other marketing costs incurred by customers of InMotion are based on the number of hours required to complete the work. 

InMotion is an excellent provider of high-quality video content that is professional and eye-catching, but they lack some basic marketing features, such as local real estate promotional tools.

4- Element 360

Element 360 is a commercial real estate marketing company that offers advanced search engine optimization (SEO), advertising, social media, and digital services. 

Digital marketing tools are the central point of this platform. Therefore, it is best for clients hoping to expand a well-established marketing presence. This makes e360 particularly well-suited for established real estate teams that want to continue building branding.

The pricing is not very clear. It depends on the services you ask for. The service which is a little clear is that SEO services start at $1,500 per month.

5- Odoo

Being present on Social Media increases awareness, connects you with your customers, and boosts leads, and income.

This real estate social media marketing company can also provide customer support and help broadcast important company news and messages.

Added to this, it helps you plan, monitor, and analyze your accounts in one place.

Users respond well to live chats; it gives them a chance of real-time interaction. It allows you to proactively engage with visitors, which is a crucial part of a positive real estate social media marketing strategy.

To sum up

The importance of marketing is undeniable. We introduced the top five real estate marketing companies. These companies can help your business to grow up effectively. Considering them can provide you with a lot of choices. You need to get their help in order to expand your business. Don’t forget that you must take into account many other factors like web design, inbound marketing, email outreach, etc.

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