Real Estate Social Media Marketing: The Ultimate Guide

Social media represents infinite possibilities for real estate marketing, and many agents are embracing it as a means to connect with clients and showcase their value, and their properties, virtually. 77% of realtors actively use social media for real estate, garnering followers and leads from platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and others. As the arena becomes more competitive, it is necessary for agents to produce interesting and valuable content to carve out a niche on social media.
Whether you’re creating visual content for Instagram or posting the latest market updates on Twitter, it’s important to know where your audience is, what they want to see from you, and how to keep it consistent to keep your audience engaged and stay on brand.

Real Estate Social Media Marketing

We all know that the real estate market is changing. Real estate professionals must be prepared to face the future and specialize to make their mark.  And without a doubt, this renovation involves delving into the world of real estate social media marketing. 

In this article, we’ll offer 5 strategies, examples, and tips for real estate social media marketing to help agents build their online presence and effectively engage their audiences. Let’s dive in!

1. Educational Content

Buying or selling a home is a major life event for just about any person. However, the average person doesn’t have the knowledge or skill to make the transaction successful, and they want an agent who does. Educational content attracts your target audience, provides real value, and positions you as a professional. Here are a few topic ideas: 

  • Real estate terms and definitions
  • Market insights
  • Neighbourhood information
  • Investment advice
  • How the process of buying/selling works

Ultimately, educational content will gain the trust of your audience and strengthen your prestige in the digital space. Combine informative posts with general content and posts about you as a realtor for the best results. Not enough time in the day? Realtormate was designed to help busy real estate professionals maintain a successful social media presence. Get customized Instagram design and content with our PostMate and VIP Service programs. 

2. Video Content

Video is a critical part of real estate social media marketing, and can provide you with great leads and opportunities. As with any content, keep your target audience(s) in mind and be sure to blend it with other types of posts. There are a variety of video content types that are effective for real estate social media marketing, but here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Videos with Virtual Reality • Especially effective for listings, three-dimensional video experiences engage followers and give them a safe way to explore a property. Show them the main aspects of a property to hook them visually and get them interested in moving forward.  

  • Emotional Videos • Mix storytelling with this type of video to boost results. Themes like safety, solidarity and family unity are sure to draw followers in and tug at their heartstrings. Ideas for this type of video could include sharing a client story, the sentimental aspects of a property, or your own personal journey. 

  • Videos of Properties • It might be the first option that comes to an agent’s mind, but it can make a big difference. How? By engaging your audience and bringing them into the fantasy of that space. After all, visuals speak much louder than words. Especially right now, this type of post is an important way to showcase properties that people may not be able to see in person. 

  • Testimonial Videos • Sharing client stories and testimonials is a highly effective way to highlight your value as an agent to followers and create trust. Your client voicing your value from their experience is the type of real estate social media marketing content you can’t buy.

  • Live Videos • Going LIVE on Instagram is a great choice for impromptu tips, stories, local highlights, property features and knowledge sharing. It shows followers the real you, and gives them an opportunity to engage in a more immediate way.   

3. Hashtags

Hashtags have a purpose on social media, especially Instagram. They facilitate your discovery, increase engagement, and help define a niche for your content. 

You can use real estate hashtags for your content to help homeowners and buyers to find you, and use them to find your target audience and opportunities for your real estate business. Local tags can help your content get seen by users in your area, while more specific or niche hashtags can get it in front of targeted groups. 

4. Sharing Success Stories

You might think that posting all of your transactions and clients is boring, but it’s actually an important part of real estate social media marketing. Posting your activities builds trust and shows your audience that you’re an active agent. Your potential clients will see that you’re an effective agent and also get an idea of what types of areas and properties you specialize in. This will keep you top of mind when your followers are looking for a realtor. 

User generated content is the most powerful content on social media for driving engagement and interest. Share people giving a shout out to your page. If your customers are on social media themselves, get them to tag you in their posts or offer to snap a pic and tag them. 

5. Share your Personal Experience with Fun Flavor

As you might have seen, influencers who share their lives, opinions, experiences and moments are always trending on social media. As a real estate agent, you too can define a niche and build a community around it. Generally speaking, social media users like to be brought in on “real life”, so invite them. Share your personal experiences, places you go, funny things you see, and build an online persona that followers will want to engage with. Personal details make you memorable, so when it comes time to choose a realtor, your followers will immediately think of you.

This post was last modified on May 4, 2021 15:17