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Top 8 Real Estate Virtual Assistants Companies in 2021

When you want to start your business in real estate, you need some help. One of the good choices is a real estate virtual assistant, which can provide you with good opportunities. Considering these issues, you don’t need to do paperwork. Virtual assistant real estate can help you focus on making money rather than doing unnecessary chores.

Can Real Estate Agents Use Virtual Assistants?

A virtual assistant can help you in different aspects of your real estate business. You can hire virtual assistants for real estate from different parts of the world. It is more affordable.

A virtual assistant for real estate agents can be unbelievably more affordable than a traditional employee. Additionally, those who are sourced from exchange rate advantages areas like Thailand can be more beneficial.  In this issue, you can let another company manage some parts of your business.

Virtual assistants for real estate are skillful enough to do your tasks without taking your time. Besides, it is easier to switch between assistants if you are not satisfied with their services.

Top 8 Real Estate Virtual Assistants’ Companies

Hiring new employees (even from LinkedIn) can be challenging for real estate managers. Therefore, they need real estate virtual assistant services to do it for them. There are a lot of companies which can help you with this issue. Here, we will introduce top real estate virtual assistants’ companies.

1- RealtorMate As a Real Estate Virtual Assistant

The real estate market changes every day. Realtors are moving toward the digital world and using real estate virtual assistants to have better real estate marketing.

You can get the highest real estate growth by understanding the real estate market trends. Social media has become one of the most practical trends in the real estate industry. You need real estate virtual assistant companies if you want to be active on social networks, such as Instagram. Realtormate is a good choice. It has a real estate Instagram growth tool to improve your real estate business.

It can help you by providing different real estate virtual assistant services. These services are:

  • Post-Service
  • Scheduling Service
  • DM Service
  • Growth

These services can help you do most of your time-consuming responsibilities easily. Hence, you have more time to focus on more important issues related to your business.

2- MyOutDesk

MyOutDesk, or “MOD,” is a virtual assistant company for real estate businesses. They can help you to hire virtual assistants for real estate agents in different aspects.

These virtual assistants can be in prospecting, marketing, or administrative assistant roles. Their virtual assistants for real estate are based in the Philippines. Hence, it is one of the most affordable ways to hire a virtual assistant to scale your business.

3- Virtudesk

Virtudesk is a company that can provide real estate virtual assistant services.

It is a US-based VA service. You can hire full-time, part-time, or for every project at a low price.

There are different roles, including admin, prospecting, transaction management, and more. You can hire them easily with simple clicks.

4- Fiverr

We can consider it as the largest marketplace for digital services. Thus, you can find a person to help you do anything you need. Among other real estate virtual assistant companies, Fiverr offers a good variety of choices.

Fiverr acts as the middle-man. It collects the payment directly from you and gives it to the recipient. Fiverr collects a small service charge of $2 for any service related to virtual assistant real estate.

5- Zirtual

Zirtual allows you to buy help from various categories in amounts ranging from 12 to 50 hours a month. They have different specialties, including real estate social media marketing, data entry, website maintenance, and real estate assistants. Consider Zirtual if you need help but aren’t sure if you have enough work to justify a part-time employee.

6- Transactly

This real estate virtual assistant company is an exceptional model of transaction software. Transactly earns its money from its transaction coordinators. It will manage your transactions and real estate listings for you. This is a huge plus for brokerages and teams who don’t want full-time real estate virtual assistants.


John Jonas founded This real estate virtual assistant company is based in Utah.

This company pays a lot of attention to the clients they hire. They have a huge source of virtual assistants for real estate agents. When you hire your virtual assistant, you will pay them directly through EasyPay or PayPal. 

You omit the middleman and save some cost here.

8- Summit VA Solutions

Using this company, you can have full-time virtual assistant real estate. It can provide you with different job opportunities such as transaction management, property management, marketing, and administrative work.

These virtual assistants for real estate businesses have impressive experience and training on the most common real estate software systems.

How Much Is Virtual Real Estate Assistant Pricing?

There is a wide range of virtual real estate assistant pricing. This range depends on a lot of factors.

The virtual real estate assistant pricing can start from $1 per hour to $100 per hour and even more. The average payment is generally between $15 and $30 per hour for an executive one. If you are looking for a professional virtual assistant for real estate, it can be from $40 to $75 per hour.

To sum up

We gathered a comprehensive source of information for the real estate virtual assistant issue. In this blog, we talked about the top real estate virtual assistant companies. We introduced them to clarify their services and weaknesses. Besides, the virtual real estate assistant pricing was clarified in this article to help real estate agents make the right decision.

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