10 Top Real Estate Website Builders + Templates

Let’s make it clear at the first step. If you want to be successful and trustworthy, your website is an undeniable digital feature. Hence, what you need the most is a perfect real estate website builder. We are here to introduce you to the best real estate website builder.

With regard to the real estate business, a well-crafted landing page for your real estate website builder is an extraordinary method to exhibit a well-known property and encourage visitors to look at it and get some information about leasing or purchasing.

An extraordinary real estate greeting page design will separate you from your competition. Besides, it permits you to advance your administrations. This will assist you with selling more properties and book more visits to the house. Fortunately, because of real estate greeting page templates, you can easily make your real estate website.

Why Should You Have a Real Estate Website?

As time goes by, everything moves to the Internet. Until recently, we had to do the bank procedures in the office, but now most banks offer you an app to work from anywhere.

The same goes for insurance companies. You can buy all you need from online supermarkets.

The sale of flats is the same. Before, you had to go around the city to look for flats for sale and find real estate agents. Now people prefer to stay at home and search directly from their smartphone or tablet. Therefore, if you want to get clients, you need a good website. A real estate agency or realtor online agent should have a website to manage their business more modernly. 

How to Create a Real Estate Website?

There are numerous ways to create a real estate website. You can utilize a substance director like WordPress to set up a website yourself. On the other hand, even better, you can utilize real estate programming that incorporates the website to make everything even easier. You can find the top real estate website builder by considering this blog. Don’t miss it.

7 Best Real Estate Website Builders

Here are the seven greatest real estate website builders. The website builders are not only beautifully designed for your website, but they also come with all the necessary features for real estate agencies. Specifically, you can filter properties, integrate to Google Maps, responsive design, and more. These websites are going to generate real estate leads for you. Consider them too much.

1- RealtorMate

RealtorMate is an important tool to progress. You need to keep it for yourself because it is your realtor mate. It has become quite natural to outsource your real estate digital marketing nowadays. So, let’s give it a try.

What Is RealtorMate?

It is a web-based real estate software that is designed to aid real estate agents on Instagram. You can get the most out of it if you are looking for progress on social media marketing. However, this software has some services that we brought here.

  • Growing your Instagram account in all aspects that would benefit a real estate
  • A very professional and dedicated account manager who can manage all the features of your account, including your Instagram account growth, content creation, and designing
  • AI-powered targeting
  • Hashtag and account monitoring and researching
  • Scheduling features for every format of Instagram (feed post, Story, IGTV)
  • The unlimited bio link provider
  • Automated Instagram DM features
  • And many other practical features

Realtormate Bio Feature

You can drive more leads, sales, and traffic by using this specific feature.  We know that there is a limitation to put one link on your Instagram Bio. Besides, you know that there is no possibility for clicking on your posts or stories. Hence, your followers can’t find your page or Website easily. Besides, the traffic you get by Instagram would decrease gradually. The solution to all these problems is in the Bio Tool feature of RealtorMate. 

It can turn your single Bio URL into a landing page that links to all of the things that are essential to you.

Here, we mention some of these features that you can add to your Bio landing page. By using the bio tool feature, you can:

  • Link feeds and Stories
  • Link all your social media pages
  • Capture email addresses
  • Take fans from a feature product post on Instagram
  • Generate clicks
  • Link each blog to the Instagram feed post
  • Put your website link, a signup link, or a free download page
  • Add an email contact form

Just design your bio link landing page. Put the link to this landing page with your desired theme on your Instagram Bio. Besides, you should know that you have a variety of choices to select your favorite theme. Considering them would come in dramatic results.  

Furthermore, checking the analytics feature would help you out. It would give you some graphs and data to guide you properly. Therefore, you can reward your followers for their engagement based on this data.

Surprisingly, you can create your desired landing page for free, using RealtorMate. However, if you want to enjoy the other features, the pricing plans start at 129$ per month.

Enjoy RealtorMate for free!

2- Wix

We can say that Wix is the best real estate website builder for those realtors who are looking for an inexpensive and user-friendly platform.

Furthermore, most of the features for real estate are fundamental and you need to use workarounds for others to function properly.

Besides, this real estate website builder has a simple backend CRM.  It helps agents to be able to track acquired leads and provides them with the sales pipeline.

Wix websites use structured data for all of your pages which gives Google more details about each page’s content.

The real estate websites for agents which are built by Wix, use structured data for all of your pages. Therefore, it gives Google more details about the content of each page. 

Moreover, you have a wide range of website builder templates by Wix. It offers 14 real estate website templates. You can edit them by the tools this website builder offers you.

The money you should pay for your real estate website design starts from 5$ to 29$ for the VIP pricing plan. 

3- Propper

Propper has eight different landing page versions. Hence, you can easily change depending on what you want to focus your business on. If you’re just starting out, use the version that allows visitors to search for properties. We can call it the best real estate website for agents.

If you are already an established realtor and want to generate more real estate leads, consider using the version that has an email sign-up form. Obviously, you can also choose between static or video backgrounds. They will surely capture the attention of potential buyers on your property’s landing page.

On top of that, the realtor web template is fully responsive and includes helpful shortcodes. Thus, you can insert headings, accordions, tabs, and more.

4- Property Webmasters

The WebMaster real estate website builder provides a clean and modern design. It is fully responsive. Aside from an eye-catching form where people can request a viewing, the key features of this property landing page include:

  • Functional forms
  • Retina display ready
  • Integration with Google Fonts
  • The ability to display customer testimonials and logos
  • Very easy to edit and customize
  • Parallax effects and awesome animations

Among all other real estate website providers, this one is helpful and professional. They have devised a very quick 6-step process to make sure your website is launched in no time. Thus, you can do it with as little input as you want.

Besides, you have access to some website builder templates. You can choose between them and set the most suitable one for yourself.

The pricing strategy of Webmaster for creating real estate websites for agents is a little limited. It has three pricing plans. For the Launch plane, you should pay 500$, and 1 to 25 users can have it. The Premium pricing plan costs 1000$ for up to 50 uses. Another pricing plan is Enterprise. It costs 20$ per user plus 500$ for launching.

5- Placester as a real estate website builder

Placester provides great value for you. You can have a wide range of selling and lead capture and generation features. The other real estate website builders ask you for 1000 dollars with the same features. 

Furthermore, Placester has a good CRM system. You can pair it elegantly with your IDX website. Hence, all leads you have generated get automatically filled into contact profiles.

In the case of web templates, Placester gives you 6 real estate website templates. You can have 2 free while 4 (premium) are only accessible with Agent Pro and Broker Pro plans.

The money you need to pay them to create a real estate website is from 64$ to 160$ per month. Besides, you can have a free trial for a month. 

6- Realgeek

You can find RealGeeks fitting for individual agents and small brokerage teams. For using it you just need to have a decent online advertising budget. 

Any RealGeeks website you create has fully integrated IDX functionality with interactive map search and saved search features. Your website gets updated every 15 minutes to offer the most up-to-date property data.

RealGeeks says that all their websites are SEO-friendly. It’s true as most of them rank highly for most localized property searches. However, you can find it easily yourself.    

7- Squarespace

We can name Squarespace as a leader of eye-catching real estate website templates. Additionally, you can have freedom in customization by using their competitively-priced plans. It provides you with a lead generation plan which contains some features such as:

  • Contact Forms
  • A Chatbox to communicate and get leads contact details
  • Landing pages that pair with Social Media Ads
  • Site-wide popups

It features a one-page layout, which is perfect when you don’t want to spend hours creating a web page. It’s also easier for your visitors to immediately access all important information. You can have a minimalist design, includes a property search form, and is fully responsive. You can also customize your website and choose from different versions of the home page.

Besides, you can present your work using Squarespace’s professional portfolio designs. It is possible to display projects in customizable galleries and add password-protected pages to share private work with clients.

Furthermore, Squarespace helps you to have full IDX integration. But you should have an IDX provider who gives you a plug-in to add via code. 

The negative point about this real estate website builder is that it doesn’t have a built-in CRM. Another point is the real estate website templates. Squarespace has some of the best-looking real estate website templates. They look magnificent and cleanly designed. Additionally, they are mobile-optimized.

The pricing strategy is very reasonable and you have some choices to select. It starts from 12$ to 40$ per month. Moreover, you can save from 25 to 30 percent if you pay it annually.

Top Real Estate Website Templates

There is a wide range of realtor web templates. We have brought some of them down here. As you may know, there is a chance of customization for all website builder templates.

1- EstatePro

The EstatePro template comes in a light and a dark version, as well as the ability to customize the layout to suit your brand. You’ll find a functional inquiry form, prominent call-to-action buttons, customer testimonial sections, social media icons, and much more.

2- Lander

Lander’s real estate landing page is a perfect example of an easy-to-use template. This template is based on building blocks, which can be easily used and reused to create a landing page for your real estate business. Also, adjust any of the blocks, and rest assured that your page will look great even on mobile devices.

3- MegaLand

The MegaLand Real Estate Template features a flat design with bold colors. But you can easily adjust them so that the template fits your brand.

You’ll find:

  • More than 100 unique items
  • SEO optimization
  • Property search form
  • Customer testimonial sections
  • Responsive design
  • Integration with MailChimp and Google Maps

This extensive list of features and its premium design make MegaLand one of the best real estate landing pages on ThemeForest.

How Much Does It Cost to Build a Real Estate Website?

You know that there are three main ways to build a website. You can use a website builder, build with WordPress, or ask a web designer. The money you spend is in close contact with the method you choose. For example, creating content is free with a web builder, but can cost over $5,000 if you’re using a web designer.

Real estate website builders are usually the cheapest way to build a website. On the other hand, WordPress is literally a free, open-source platform, you have to pay for hosting, themes, and plugins, and even professional help from a developer, which can increase your total cost.

Hiring a web designer is the most expensive option. Realistically, you can’t pay less than $5,000 for a web designer, otherwise, you might end up with a disappointing result that you’re not satisfied with, but that you’ve still paid a few thousand for.

Be careful to choose the right method. Hiring a web designer is expensive, but it takes the technical hassle out of your hands. Using a website builder is cheap and easy, but you don’t get the same level of control as you do with WordPress. WordPress gives you flexibility, but it’s the most time-consuming and hands-on approach.

All in all

We have talked about building a website in this blog. The list of 7 top real estate website builders is mentioned here. Besides, we brought some real estate website templates, as well. We also mentioned their pricing strategy. 

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