How to Use Instagram for Real Estate and Win?


 For real estate companies, Instagram is a great tool to use when they want to get the most out of their social media strategy. Using Instagram well means something more than posting images regularly. You need to be able to get the proper care.

Remember that Instagram for real estate is not just to publish properties for sale or rent. You must add value to your followers.

Each social media platform is useful in its own way. Instagram offers real estate agents a new way to find their audience and collect interested parties. In other words, when it comes to Instagram for real estate, it’s the photos and videos that stand out. People see Instagram for real estate images when scrolling or displaying them in a grid.

It means you need eye-catching images to get their attention. Beside these images and videos, there are some other issues to be considered in order to attract followers, and we mention them in this article.

Dos of Instagram for Real Estate

As you may know, Instagram has many features that we can use, but what features we need to use? And how?

For having a perfect and up-to-date Instagram for real estate, you must use all useful features in the right way.

1- Use Instagram TV

This tool can let you record videos as long as you like. You can create a channel and shoot videos from your phone and upload them to Instagram and appear at the top of your profile.

It can be used to have a virtual tour of properties. As some of your clients may not have enough time to visit a property physically, you can provide them with a virtual tour and let them enjoy it. Be careful that in the virtual tour, you should introduce yourself.

The other point is that you shouldn’t talk too much about anything but the property. Start from outside and walk-in. Clients will want to get the full experience like they would at an in-person viewing. As you are touring, point out any necessary detail. It can be your personal lovely points or extra options for the property.

Consider the point that, as you are filming, it should be as steady as possible to give your followers good sense. If you need some help, Realtormate professional group is a good choice.

The other usage of Instagram TV is introducing the neighborhood. Take a walk and show your clients around. It would be a great option.

Another choice is filming a video as you are answering the questions of your clients or followers. It shows how expert you are and builds better trust.

2- Highlights are Beneficiary

Highlighting can be a useful option for Instagram for real estate. It is recommended to have some highlights, which can be different. For example, one of them to introduce yourself because people like to know who they are dealing with. The other one can be about your great achievements and some others.

3- Hashtaging and Geotagging Can Get You Discovered

Tagging can increase your discoverability on Instagram. Right hashtags can help you be at the top. According to recent Instagram statistics, posts including at least one hashtag, score more engagement than those that feature none. When it comes to the real estate business, geotagging can provide great opportunities. Users can search by places or current location to find realtors near them. When they tap a location they can see your posts from this location.

4- Have a Business Account on Instagram for Real Estate

The account of Instagram for real estate should be business type, so you can run ads and boost posts. Try boosting your posts and using Instagram ads to increase your potential clients and generate leads. The other benefit of the business account is the availability of different features for analysis and statistics.

5- More than One Photo is Vital

As you are posting on your Instagram for real estate, use the carousel option, and try to show as many high-quality and professionally-taken photos as possible for a single post. Take photos from different angles and exterior and interior views. Let the followers observe a single room as deep as possible. With this quality, they can have a full vision of the property and look at it many times with curious observation.

Don’ts of Instagram for Real Estate

1- Don’t use Others’ Photos

If people have seen your photo somewhere before, they would definitely become suspicious of you or your company. Internet photos can make your account look fake as well.

2- Never Buy Followers

It might have been useful some years ago. But now, with a new algorithm of Instagram, it doesn’t work at all. Your followers must be organic with a high range of engagement, otherwise, you wouldn’t meet the top.

3- Don’t Just Sell on Instagram for Real Estate

It is right that the main purpose of Instagram for real estate is to sell properties. But some of your followers are following for design motives, real estate tips or simply knowing a vicinity. So provide them with useful feeds.

4- Overused Hashtags Can’t Help

There are hundreds of thousands of posts with the “real estate” hashtag. So your post would be lost among them. Try to use suitable hashtag for your brand. Try to make your own hashtag and use it in all your posts on Instagram.

5- Don’t Underestimate Profile Photo and Bio

They are at the front. As a person checks your profile, the first thing they face is a profile photo. It should be a very high-quality photo of yourself and the bio should consider the word “realtor” or “real estate” with a brief explanation of you and your interests.

All in all

We tried to lead you through Instagram for real estate. It might seem a bit difficult to make the most out of it. We can promise you that by considering the mentioned tips, you can use Instagram beneficially and win the game.

If by any means, you would need professional tips, Realtormate can provide you with the best ones. Don’t worry and just move forward.