Top Real Estate Hashtags to Use for 2021


Some social media platforms allow people to follow hashtags. Therefore, any post tagged with real estate hashtags will appear in the feed of people who follow it.

Hashtags can increase impressions and engagement for your real estate business. Real estate hashtags can improve the searchability of your content. They can encourage more people to talk about your real estate business or real estate agency. The point is that they must be used correctly.

You have to understand the nature of hashtags. For example, many online marketers recommend using the hashtags of the competition and those used by influencers in the business or large brands in the sector. In this industry, this approach does not work. This approach will not make your post go viral, much less get found.

True Function of real estate hashtags

Hashtags have much different usability. Hashtags are excellent to use based on these functions:

1. Build the brand of your real estate business. Therefore, your personal branding should have a hashtag.

2. Make your properties more visible. To do this, you need to create hashtags for each of your properties. This is called the real estate hashtag.

We should notify this point that in the real estate industry, hashtags should not be used as it is done in other categories.

Which Real Estate Hashtags Should You Use?

At first, a decision should be made. We just want to have our specific and unique hashtag for our real estate brand, or we just want to have the most popular ones. Our technical recommendation is “a combination”. Yeah, you got the point!

First, we need to produce our own hashtag and at the same time use the most popular and productive hashtags in the real estate business. With this strategy, the most engagement would happen.

Oftentimes, the labels that real estate agents choose are used in totally different contexts and may even be counterproductive by their target audience. For this reason, we recommend that you carry out a previous search for the hashtag and analyze how the most representative members of your industry use them. The celebrities in this industry could be a good choice.

Choosing the correct hashtags for a publication can help you increase your popularity, gaining visits to your content, “likes” on Instagram, retweets, and that your publications are shared more.

You definitely have many reasons to use hashtags on Instagram. If a post has at least 1 hashtag it receives 12.6% more engagement. So a post has a hashtag it will be exposed to a larger audience. Using hashtags is a great way to get more followers on Instagram.

Real estate hashtags for Instagram place your posts in this particular category and people following this category can discover your posts. This can result in discovering you too. Instagram allows up to 30 hashtags per post. But based on some research in this field, using 9 hashtags is optimal.

Different Types of Real Estate Hashtags

As you are going to use hashtags, be aware that all hashtags are not the same. Different types of hashtags reach different audiences, achieving different goals for your real estate business. The followings are some types of hashtags that your real estate business should use:

1. The Trending Hashtags

A trending hashtag is a hashtag related to a trending topic or event, in this case, with events or trends in the real estate sector.

Starting a new hashtag and helping it grow takes more work than simply engaging in a larger conversation. Therefore, you can enjoy a moment of popularity.

While trending hashtags cannot be relied upon for long-term engagement, they are great for seizing the moment and capitalizing on a brief, but currently intensely popular topic. You can create a hashtag for any holiday or event related to the real estate sector in your area.

2. Brand Hashtags

Perfect branded hashtags have 3 key ingredients: they have to be concise, catchy, and most importantly, they have to be unique to the brand.

These types of hashtags are perhaps the most important for your real estate business. On the other hand, brand hashtags, as the name suggests, contain the name of your real estate business. But they can also contain the slogan of your company, the name of a specific property, or one of your campaigns.

There are two key benefits of using this type of real estate #hashtags. The first is the ability to monitor the performance of your campaign, simply focusing only on your brand hashtags.

The second is user-generated content. Every time a user places one of your brand hashtags within one of their posts, your presence on social media increases.

These hashtags for real estate professionals take a bit more work to get off the ground. They rely on your own marketing to build momentum rather than tapping into an established trending theme or campaign.

But, it is worth creating a hashtag for your business. Therefore, these hashtags serve as a direct channel for people to find content specifically related to your brand.

3. The Niche Hashtags

They are very specific hashtags that can be quite unusual at times. Since many real estate agents do not use these hashtags, there is also less competition, and you have a better chance of showing up higher in searches.

By using hashtags based on industry or real estate products, can increase both the quantity and quality of your followers. As a result, users who discover your posts are more likely to be potential customers.

Also, you can raise awareness about a particular topic that is important to you.

Hashtags raise awareness of an important topic. Since they not only have the ability to go viral, but they also generate a large amount of user-generated content. At the same time, you spread awareness about your own company and your business will be seen as socially responsible.

Listing of Popular Hashtags in 2021

We have listed some of the most popular ones following.

1. #realestate

2. #realtor

3. #home

4. #greatvalue

5. #brokerage

6. #homes

7. #househunting

8. #Realtors

9. #HUDhome

10. #foreclosure

11. #homegoals

12. #housegoals

13. #investmentproperty

14. #emptynest

15. #listing

16. #luxuryrealestate

17. #mansion

18. #realestateagent

19. #makememove

20. #openhouse

21. #luxuryliving

22. #broker

23. #cornerlot

24. #culdesac

25. #locationlocationlocation

26. #rentalproperty

27. #livinginparadise

28. #renovated

29. #homeforsale

30. #offmarketlisting

31. #pocketlisting

32. #newlisting

33. #largeyard

34. #fencedyard

35. #granitecounters

36. #eatinkitchen

37. #motherinlawsuite

38. #motherinlawapartment

39. #lowmaintenanceliving

40. #possibleVRBO

41. #closetoschools

42. #petfriendly

43. #dogsokay

44. #catsokay

45. #condo

Final thought

We tried to make you familiar with real estate hashtags and give you some tips about hashtagging. You can use them on different social media. If you need help check Realtormate. They are the most professionals in this issue.