Social media has become a powerful resource for businesses. Professionals use it in multiple sectors, especially the real estate sector. Not surprisingly, effective use of these platforms allows maintaining a much closer relationship with customers. Therefore, real estate social media posts play a vital role. Thus, the better posts you have, the more new users you can get.

Social media is just one of many ways to market your services and properties. On the other hand, it can be the most practical and beneficial one.

Suppose you want to be a successful real estate agent, you need to know the best real estate social media posts. In this way, you will be able to take advantage of the great potential of social networks.

In this post, we will provide basic training on how to make real estate social media posts. You’ll learn tips and tricks for getting better posts and better real estate lead generation. Plus, you’ll see how real estate tools like Instagram can create a powerful online presence in your market.

10 Real Estate Social Media Posts to Succeed in Real Estate

As we mentioned above, you need to ensure that your content is reaching the right audience for your marketing strategies to meet their objectives. Hence, the necessity of successful real estate social media posts will be more clear. This is where segmentation strategies come in, a vital tool for your content to reach the people who may be most interested in your services or products.

1- Realtormate

Real estate social media posts are playing an inevitable role in this new world. Therefore, you need to be active in this category. Realtormate can provide you with everything you need to make real estate social media posts.

It can suggest the best real estate social media posts. Realtormate can offer the most practical real estate marketing services, as well.

It gives realtor online agents a wide range of services. These services can provide a full guide to manage your account effectively.

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Realtormate Services

All these services would ultimately help you to boost your presence on social media. A better and more professional post on social media means better real estate marketing.

Applying Instagram Account Growth Service would be a full Instagram assist. It makes your followers have deep engagement with you and your business. You can trust it to have a growth-guaranteed Instagram account. In other words, it works on the Instagram account on your behalf.

This option can generate leads to your account. It will get engaged with potential followers and grow your panel effectively. Applying this choice would help you the best to grow your social media presence.

Realtormate can design your posts in a way that success is guaranteed. It has the most professional graphist and developers to do anything you need. From taking pro photos to write the best captions, you have anything you need.

In other words, Postmate service can provide you with the best real estate social media posts, specifically Instagram. These Instagram posts can make clients have more engagement. Besides, you can use the scheduling service to post them at the right time. On the other hand, you can bring the highest traffic to your account with the help of the Hashtag Generator service. Hence, you can see that all these services help you in realtor social media marketing.

Direct message service is a great choice for realtor Instagram marketing. It can answer your direct messages on Instagram automatically with different choices. Therefore, with those answers, you can absorb a lot of potential clients.

The pricing strategy of this company is very flexible. There are many facilities that you can use for free. Besides, there are some other premiums and very helpful choices that you can apply for by paying from $49 to $399.

2- Sell the Location, not Just the Property

A common mistake when posting about a home or any other property is to focus on the commercial strategy exclusively. You shouldn’t just talk about its qualities and benefits, given that any real estate property is inseparable from its surroundings. Hence, it is advisable to pay attention to the city and neighborhood. Think that there will be times when the pull of the location will be enough to arouse more interest from the market.

3- Be Yourself

Many confuse the presentation to the public with the use of masks. Their real estate social media posts are to please potential buyers. Obviously, we must adapt the message to each group, but never at the cost of showing a false image of ourselves. In the medium term, this will generate mistrust. You need to convey reliability to get more buyers.

4- Educate your Customers with real estate social media posts

We do not suggest that you sit your potential clients in front of a blackboard and encourage them to take notes on your explanations. Simply, be as didactic as possible when noting the characteristics of the property or the environment. You should not assume that all clients master the jargon of the sector. So it is possible that you educate your potential clients by your real estate social media posts.

5- Engage Your Followers

A social network is not a web page that you can build with great affection and then limit yourself to periodically updating the contents. Social networks require more or less constant interaction between the person in charge of the space and his followers. Therefore, it is necessary to respond relatively quickly to your queries and be ready to answer any comments. Besides, you need to produce some real estate social media posts that make your followers interact with you. The higher your engagement rate is, the better real estate growth you have.

6- Don’t Just Put a List of Properties You Have in Your Portfolio

If your clients wanted to receive a list with the general characteristics of a home, your presence would be rather irrelevant. Do not just recite the qualities of the property. Furthermore, highlight what makes it unique and why it is so interesting for different buyer profiles. Therefore, you need to have an effective real estate listing strategy to help you out.

7- Use Videos for real estate social media posts

E-commerce experts remember that products that include abundant multimedia material in their presentations are more interactive than the rest. Apply this maxim to the real estate business and publish short real estate videos with the most striking spaces of the properties. Remember that this resource allows you to focus on what can most attract users.

8- Don’t Assume You Are Only Talking to Inexperienced Buyers

Do not make the mistake of assuming that all the users who intervene in your social networks lack experience in the real estate sector. Some users may require more complete or specific answers. Thus, you should prepare the answers for all kinds of questions and not just the most basic ones. 

9- Do Not Talk to Yourself on Your Social Networks

Some professionals use their corporate social networks to attend to personal matters. This does not do your business any good because it gives the feeling that you want to deceive users, especially when today it is so easy to detect these bad practices. However, you can speak about your daily life experience. For example, share some photos of your day with your pet. These real estate social media posts can bring intimacy and trust. 

10- Don’t Forget About Your Oldest Clients

In business, as in love, we take too much for granted. Thus, many times we try to attract new customers, offering them good conditions or launching special promotions to attract them. This is not wrong but does not forget that the base of your company is the customers who have already trusted it. Therefore, you can introduce or remember some of your old customers by a simple tag as you are producing your posts. It can show how thankful and reliable you are.

All in all

You have to focus on two things in real estate social media posts. Growing your personal brand and generating sales leads are two important factors. We tried to give you some hints to produce practical real estate social media posts. Applying these tips could help you have more engagement and a better social media presence.

This post was last modified on July 21, 2021 19:38