In this digital world, it is not possible to improve your business without real estate software. There are many different realtor software in the market, we are going to introduce some of the best real estate software to generate more leads.

What Is Real Estate Software?

If a real estate agent wants to build a successful and lucrative business, he needs real estate software as a secret weapon.

The right real estate agents software can help agents in all aspects of the business. In other words, it can provide them with some facilities in video editing, expense tracking, lead generation tools, and open house management software.

We can say that the key to success for a professional real estate agent is choosing the appropriate software for realtors. You need to be aware that your real estate software must include the most issues to help you out.

Top 15 Real Estate Software to Generate more Leads

It is crystal clear that good real estate lead generation software can make a world of a difference.

A professional real estate agent would consider this issue. Hence, we are going to introduce some top real estate software to generate leads.

1- RealtorMate As a Real Estate Software

It can be the best software for realtors. RealtorMate can offer the most practical real estate marketing services, as well.

We all know that the real estate industry is vast, with a lot of different sub-categories. Therefore, you need to cover all aspects of your business. RealtorMate can provide you with everything you need to do real estate marketing.

You can see it as a real estate pro software since it has all services a realtor needs. These marketing services can help you in different aspects of social media marketing, as well. These services are:

  • Instagram Account Growth Service
  • Postmate Service
  • Hashtag Generating Service
  • Direct Message Service
  • Scheduling Service
  • Content Producing Service

All these services would definitely help you to boost your presence in the real estate industry.

Instagram Account Growth Service would help you with anything you need to have the best Instagram account. In other words, it assists you to get organic and real Instagram followers, as well as getting a higher engagement rate for your business. You can trust it to have a growth-guaranteed Instagram account.

Postmate service can give an opportunity to create the best real estate Instagram posts. A better and more professional post on social media means better real estate marketing. Besides, you can use the Scheduling service to post them at the right time. You know that the more disciplined you are, the more clients you can have.

Direct message service is an inevitable choice for real estate marketing.  It can answer your direct messages on Instagram automatically with different choices. Thus, considering those answers, you can generate more leads as well with more potential clients.

Content Producing Service is another great choice of this top real estate software. It can help you create different content for your real estate social media pages. This specific service can produce videos, photos, live-streaming materials, and so on. For a realtor’s social media management tool, these contents can make a big difference.

RealtorMate Pricing Strategy

This company has a very flexible pricing strategy. There are many facilities that you can use for free. Furthermore, there are some other premiums and very helpful choices that you can apply for by paying from $49 to $399. Based on the services you receive, this price range could change.

2- Moxtra

It helps businesses deliver client experiences for the digital age. Moxtra is headquartered in Cupertino, California, with offices in New York, London, Amsterdam, Singapore, Sydney, and Bengaluru. They began their journey with a fundamental quest reimagining business collaboration in the age of mobility.

Besides, all interactions on Moxtra are self-documented and recorded. Capture the location, device, and time for every interaction within Moxtra, and maintain visibility on all communications.


If you are looking for more information about a property or its services, you need an answer immediately. This answer may not be available. Besides, this top real estate software is a powerful, feature-packed real estate platform. Hence, it keeps you engaged with your potential clients from the very beginning to the end. Therefore, you don’t miss a single deal and you can handle them precisely.

Besides, this real estate pro software will help you generate new real estate leads by designing an IDX website and automating the lead nurturing process from one platform. 

Furthermore, the pricing strategy goes for about $600 to $1,200 per month for individual agents to get started. Large teams should pay about $1,500 per month. Besides, lead generation is an additional $500 per month.

4- Follow Up Boss

If you are posting on different sites and your leads are coming in from various ones. Thus, it can be difficult to keep track of communication and organize each person. Therefore, this software for real estate can be your solution. FUB can let you gather your leads and organize them into “Smart Lists”. Hence, you can differentiate where your leads are coming from and how often to keep in contact with them. Therefore, you would know where you can advertise better and earn more money.

Besides, you have the ability to make calls, take notes, and send texts and emails from your phone by using this software for realtors.

Depending on the feature you use, you should pay $69 to $1,000 per user, per month. 

5- Revaluate

This real estate software for agents helps them generate seller leads. Specifically, it can be done by using predictive analytics based on artificial intelligence algorithms. Additionally, this innovative software can find out homeowners who are likely to move within the next three to six months based on consumer, demographic, and social media data. Thus, the agents have the opportunity to identify the potential sellers.

The pricing ranges from $139 per month per 2,000 contacts.

6- Archibus

It is the universal leader for managing facilities, infrastructure, and real estate. This software for realtors helps organizations to have full insights into their built environments. Therefore, they can decrease costs, optimize operations, and improve their employee experiences. Furthermore, the solutions offer enterprise-level asset management, reporting, data, and infrastructure management in a single system.

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7- Structurely

We can call it one of the best software for realtor online agents. It applies artificial intelligence (AI) to generate leads. This real estate agent’s software suggests properties by proprietary chatbot through text and email. When a lead contacts you through a website, live chat, or Instagram, it messages the lead within a minute. The chatbot asks some appropriate questions and offers to schedule an appointment with an agent.

Agents can use this app without the chatbot and start dealing with potential clients on their own. Besides, you need to pay $299 per month.

8- Real Geeks

There are a lot of realtor tools. This real estate software is to generate and organize leads. Besides, you can optimize every email and follow-up call. It can create effective engagement with clients, help you visualize their journey through the sales process.

You can use some automated features with this app. Hence, text messages and email drip campaigns are the main sources.

This top real estate software has a comprehensive pricing strategy. You should pay $249 per month plus $350 for onboarding for one to two agents, and additional agents are $25 each. Additionally, $550 per month for ad spend to manage pay-per-click (PPC) ad accounts and $50 per month to generate seller leads.

9- REIPro

You can use this realtor software to assist real estate investors. It includes CRM and lead generation tools to track interesting properties. Additionally, it provides relevant comps and workflow management. Hence, you can track every moving part of a deal. Besides, you have unlimited access to their marketing materials at no additional cost.

You can use this software by the single plan for $97 per month, up to five users for $129 per month, and a team plan (up to 10 users) is $197 per month.

10- REDX

This realtor software is a lead generation tool that makes a difference from other real estate lead generation companies by identifying specialty leads like aging for sale by owners (FSBO) and expired listings. Hence, you have a good source of leads to get connected with. Besides, this software can also leave a pre-recorded voicemail when no one answers. It is much more worthy than cold calls. 

You can get access to all expired listings for $59.99 per month.

11- Showcase IDX

There are many realtor tools. This one is one of the few IDX plugins. It manages to make IDX listings and search easy to integrate into your website. Therefore, instead of learning code or handing over your site to a freelance programmer, you can drop Showcase IDX listings right into your site using customizable drop-in widgets.

If you want to use it, you should pay for the essentials plan at $59.95 and the Premium plan at $99.95.

12- Smarter Agent Mobile

We know that agents are constantly on their phones. Thus, apps that are available on Android and iOS to help the business are critical. This software for realtors offers rock-solid, predesigned real estate apps for brokerages. Additionally, it can be customized with branding, agents, and listings for a low monthly fee. 

You don’t need to pay a lot for it. The app is $49 per month with a $50 one-time setup fee.

13- Zumper

We can say that it is the best software for real estate agents who want to present their listings on an attractive, easy-to-search site. It runs Experian credit reports and rental applications for your prospective tenants, as well.

It is free for the first five listings, then $20 per listing.

14- Brokermint

This real estate pro software has a combination of facilities. It is a web-based real estate management tool. Besides, you have transaction and team management, commission tracking, and MLS integration. With the Enterprise plan, you have access to agent onboarding tools and a built-in CRM. Additionally, you have some tools to manage multiple office locations.

In order to have it, you need to pay from $59 per month to $199 per month and should be chosen based on the number of users.

15- Dotloop

This real estate software is an online platform for real estate productivity and transaction optimization. Users can collaborate during every stage of a transaction using its form creation, e-signature, and storage capabilities. Besides, you can use it to manage your lead generation strategies by applying this app.

If you want to use this app, you need to pay for the Premium version for $29 per month, or a free version that allows 10 transactions per month.

To sum it up

We tried to provide an ultimate guide to choose the top real estate software. This blog includes the 15 best real estate software to generate more leads. Besides, we mentioned their pricing strategies to help you choose more appropriately.

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