3 Best Real Estate Lead Generation Companies in 2021

Real estate lead generation is a marketing term used to describe the process of attracting clients to a real estate business. In other words, lead generation describes how agents find people who are interested in their services. Getting real estate leads is critical for agents. Thus, lead generation the one of the most important elements of a successful real estate business.

In this digital age, technology has been key to advancing business, especially in the area of real estate ​​marketing. Currently, real estate agents use social networks, blogs, websites, videos, online search engines, and apps, among other channels, to attract potential clients. 

The number of online agents has increased. These agents have changed the game in terms of marketing strategies and lead generation methods.

How Do Real Estate Leads Work?

Real estate lead generation is a marketing and advertising process that stimulates interest from people looking to buy or sell a home. This interest then becomes a sales channel with the goal of turning the potential customer into a client, who then closes the deal by buying or selling a home through an agent.

Agents and brokers generate leads in different ways, including through social media, referrals, personal network, open houses, and lead generation companies. Potential clients are the ones who keep a real estate broker in the business. A closed lead provides a commission check to the agent and a check to the broker.

What Are Real Estate Lead Generation Companies?

A real estate lead generation company is a platform that helps agents attract potential clients (buyers or sellers), known as prospects, to a certain agency or broker. A lead generation company will run ads and market to prospects.

The company sells the potential client’s contact information to an agent if they have purchased leads in the area they are looking for. However, these companies do not guarantee that these leads will be closed, or that they will even respond to you when you contact them.

Here, we will talk about some of the best lead generation companies. You can get the best real estate leads by having their support.

1- RealtorMate

If you want to get real estate leads, social media is the way to do it. RealtorMate is the best real estate social media management tool. We all know that social media plays a vital role today. For this reason, you need to be active and competitive on the top platforms. RealtorMate provides everything you need to generate real estate leads on Instagram. 

To win leads on Instagram, the most important step is having social media experts on your team. RealtorMate’s all-in-one Instagram management solution can help you develop a professional presence and generate leads on Instagram.

RealtorMate offers the most effective suite of services to generate real estate leads, including:

  • Custom Instagram Design and Templates
  • Content Creation and Posting
  • Full Service Follower Growth
  • Social Management Tools
  • … and More!

All of these services are designed to boost your presence on social media and help you generate more real estate leads. And with plans to suit every business, there’s a solution for your needs.

How Much Does RealtorMate Charge For Real Estate Leads?

RealtorMate offers flexible pricing packages. You can use it based on your needs and your budget. 

RealtorMate’s Free package lets you use the social management tools on the app for free with monthly limits. If advanced tools are all you need to turn your Instagram into a lead generation machine, you can upgrade these limits with the Essentials package. 

PostMate offers full service Instagram design, post creation, and scheduling. Get custom content and design plans plus a personal RealtorMate delivering weekly content creation and scheduling to keep your Instagram page fresh and relevant. 

GrowthMate offers premium AI-targeted follower growth for agents looking to grow their followers (and leads) on Instagram. RealtorMate’s growth team will generate 400-500 new, AI-targeted followers for you each month through manual growth activities

VIP Service is RealtorMate’s platinum upgrade for agents serious about generating real estate leads through Instagram. Get all the great features of PostMate including a custom Instagram design and regular posting, plus a dedicated growth manager to generate 400-500 new, AI-targeted followers (and leads) each month.


2- Zurple

Zurple was established in 2009 in San Diego, California and is owned by Constellation Software. The company is a popular choice for automation because it offers leads as well as integrated CRM and other tools that make contacting and maintaining leads easier and more efficient. Zurple’s automated responses are personalized and data-driven to intelligently engage with clients on your behalf.

Zurple is software that captures leads and converts them into conversations and then into clients. It optimizes your marketing budget by only targeting your specific area and can even target specific sub-areas within individual zip codes.

3- Zillow

Zillow Premier Agent is a good real estate lead generation company for finding buyers. It offers leads that Zillow generates directly. Additionally, most of these real estate leads are buyer leads. It is part of the real estate powerhouse Zillow Group. Former Microsoft executives in Seattle, Washington, founded it in 2006.

Zillow is one of the first sites that many potential homebuyers use. Thus, it might be a good choice to purchase leads here. Real estate agents pay Zillow Premier Agent to be featured on certain pages. This includes placement on listings and personalized websites. So, when customers are browsing for homes, they will see the agent’s information and be able to make contact. This is a bit different from how many other lead generation companies work.


Is It Worth the Cost of Buying Real Estate Leads?

Most agents know that to keep up with today’s buyers and sellers, they need to have an online presence. Thus, it’s worth buying leads online if you don’t have a large network or a steady stream of referrals. 

You need to decide what your monthly marketing budget will be and how best to allocate funds to decide if leads are worth buying. Investing in lead generation is only worth it if you are going to be diligent and consistent in following up on each and every lead.

How Much Do Real Estate Leads Cost?

Real estate leads generation companies offer different prices depending on the location and number of leads selected. Some have onboarding fees of a couple of hundred dollars. Others have no start-up fees, but charge monthly fees of $199 or more, plus costs per lead that can range from $20 to thousands of dollars. Leads in popular real estate markets are typically more expensive to buy because companies know that listing prices are high and that commissions for successful sales will also be considerably higher.

Usually, you pay these lead generation companies on a monthly basis and can decide on a set budget or change it depending on how the business is doing.

To sum up… 

Real estate marketing is changing, and so is the way that agents generate leads. In this blog we’ve introduced you to some of the best real estate lead generation companies. We’ve also offered some practical tips to help you choose the best one. 

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