Are you looking for the most practical realtor tools? You think it might be a difficult job to do. Don’t hesitate to read this useful blog.

Real estate is also changing rapidly since the arrival of the Internet and new technologies. In other words, these have changed the way in which people buy, sell and rent real estate. Hence, in order to serve the new digital consumers, real estate agents have to adapt, they need realtor tools to interact with them. Therefore, real estate tools for agents should be in line with the new digital uses and not lose potential clients.

Do You Need Realtor Tools?

The short answer is YES! Both landlords and tenants make intensive use of the internet to advertise and search for a flat, respectively. Additionally, realtors also have real estate tools that allow them to serve digital consumers at the precise time and place where they need to be served.

Real estate advisers must constantly update themselves. Besides, they should take advantage of the real estate agents’ tools that technology offers them. Mobile apps are a great option to do this, many of them free and easy to use.

10 Top Realtors Tools

As you may know, a large variety of real estate agent tools and realtor tools are out there. Here, we are going to introduce the best tools for realtors. These tools would help you out to manage your business most efficiently.

1- Realtormate As One of the Realtor Tools

We can call it the best real estate agent tool. Realtormate can be an assistant for a real estate agent, which would offer the most helpful real estate marketing services, as well.

The real estate industry is in progress, with a lot of different sub-categories. Hence, realtors need to cover all aspects of their business. Realtormate can provide you with everything you need to do real estate marketing.

We could call it realtor software, which has all the services a realtor needs. These lead generation services can help you in different aspects of realtor social media marketing, as well. These services are:

  • Postmate Service
  • Direct Message Service
  • Instagram Account Growth Service
  • Hashtag Generating Service
  • Scheduling Service
  • Content Producing Service

Applying these services can help you out in this tough business. You can progress sharply by using these services of realtor software. 

You can create the best Instagram posts by using the Postmate service. We can say that a more professional post on social media means better real estate marketing. Furthermore, by applying Scheduling services, you can post them at the right time.

If you post based on a fixed schedule, you can see that your followers will care more about your page.

Using the Instagram Account Growth Service would guarantee your success on Instagram by getting real Instagram followers who are interested in your account’s niche and will engage with your shared content. In other words, the organic Instagram growth tool can provide you with everything you need on Instagram. If you want to move up, you need this specific service.

RealtorMate’s dedicated account managers will work on your Instagram account on your behalf, meaning that you can sit back and watch your account’s growth!

Hashtag Generator service can bring the highest traffic to your account. You can build up the best and most effective Instagram hashtags by using this service. We all know that the right hashtag can help you be seen, right? So, don’t miss the opportunity.

Content Producing Service is another great choice of this real estate agent tool. You can create different content for your real estate social media pages. This specific service can produce videos, photos, live-streaming materials, and so on. This professional content-producing service can provide everything as a real estate Instagram tool.

Direct message service is an excellent choice for real estate marketing CRM.  It can answer your direct messages on Instagram automatically with different choices. Thus, considering those answers, you can generate more leads as well with more potential clients. This specific service can bring more potential clients for you by increasing the engagement rate.

Realtormate Pricing Strategy

The flexible pricing strategy of this real estate agent tool is very flexible.

A lot of services of this app are free. Additionally, there are some other premiums and very helpful choices that you can apply for by paying from $49 to $399. Based on the services you receive, this price range could change.

2- Magic Plan

We know that there are many real estate agent tools. This one is an excellent tool for real estate agents. They can create floor plans for their real estate listings

It allows the clients to visualize the space they’re going to purchase or rent. You can boost client interest and engagement with the property by adding a floor plan to a listing.

This realtor software is free, basically. Besides, you can have it for $9.99 per feature, per month.

3- ClickMeeting

This instant video conferencing system has been in use for several years in different countries.

We can see it as a useful real estate tool. Hence, it offers you the possibility to virtually attend a meeting with a specific client or with your colleagues. Besides, it includes a virtual whiteboard and document sharing and from the screen, if you attend this meeting from your desktop computer.

This would be a very beneficial way to start the first conversations with clients, since more and more people are making their first search for a home online, through a real estate website.

4- Adobe Photoshop Express

One of the most practical and useful real estate tools is a photo editing tool. The quality of the photographs in your inventory will be directly proportional to the success of your sales. Hence, remember that a picture says more than a thousand words. Thus, in real estate, a good photograph can help you attract a lot of clients.

With the help of this tool, you can enhance your photos with an easy-to-use digital studio. The functions that can serve you the most are:

  • Perspective correction
  • Remove noise to get sharp images
  • Collages to join photos, among others

How can it serve you? You don’t need to be an expert to take pictures, but why not have an App that helps you reduce errors or improve your images? With a little practice, you can get high-quality material at no cost.

If you need professional help, you have the option of hiring specialized real estate photographers.

5- Evernote

We like Evernote for its ability to adapt to all types of jobs and teams. It doesn’t matter if your agency is large or small, or the size of the task at hand, Evernote adapts to everything. It is an ideal real estate agent tool for your day-to-day life.

Its interface is simple and powerful. Additionally, they share functionalities such as reminders or the possibility of adding files of all kinds. In addition, Evernote incorporates other interesting functions, which depend on the type of account you have contracted.

In the Basic version, which is free, you can capture articles, images, and PDF directly from the web. Additionally, you can create and modify notes, including files of all kinds.

In the Premium version, ideal for small work teams, you will have access to your notes offline. Obviously, you can save and send emails directly from the application and chat with your work team.

Finally, in the Plus version, you will be able to enjoy all the above benefits. In addition, you can convert your notes into presentations, make annotations in PDF files, and access a history of changes in your notes, among other things.

6- Google Calendar

It is perhaps one of the best real estate technology tools. To the point that, possibly, many of you are already using it in your daily routine.

Google Calendar will allow you to schedule meetings and keep track of them. Furthermore, you are able to share each calendar you create with whoever you want or need to do so.

Of course, you can access it from any mobile device whenever you are out of the office.

This realtor tool is free for the basic features.

7- Parkbench

Among all the real estate technology tools, Parkbench is a geocentric tool. Undeniably, it aids real estate agents to become neighborhood experts using hyper-local online content. Thus, agents can work with other local business owners to generate interviews. This is a great way for agents to generate traffic in their specific areas of interest.

8- Zapier

You can link your CRM to social media software by using this real estate tool. Besides, you can have lead generation forms, email marketing platforms, and other apps to automate tasks and workflows. You can start using Zapier for free and create up to five Zaps at a time.

The pricing ranges from $19.99 to $599 per month. It depends on the number of users and tasks.

9- REIPro

This real estate tool is designed for real estate investors. You can find whatever an investor needs. Hence, you have a CRM tool and the lead generation one. Additionally, you can track every step of the deal comprehensively. 

The pricing strategy is based on the users. Thus, a single user should pay $97 per month, five users, $127 for a month, and a team plan $197.

10- Everlance

We know that there are a lot of real estate technology tools. Hence, you would have difficulty in choosing the most appropriate one. If you are exploring new listings, it is an excellent choice. 

This tracking software helps you monitor your expenses, maximize your tax deductions. Besides, you can keep your agents and brokerage in close connection with you. 

The pricing strategy is free for the basic plan. The Premium is just $5 per month, and Premium Plus is $10 per month.


What Platforms Do Realtors Use the Most?

There are a lot of platforms available for real estate agents. Hence, we have considered the most useful ones which are providing a variety of opportunities for realtors.

1- Dropbox

The motto of this tool is “take your equipment everywhere”. It is very useful because it stores your files online in the cloud. Additionally, when you make modifications in Excel, for example, those changes will be automatically synchronized on your computer, smartphone, or tablet. Besides, you can also share them with other people. In other words, the files in your folder will stay up-to-date on all linked devices. Dropbox exceeds 500 million users worldwide. We can call it a must-use realtor software.

2- iMovie and InsShot

Does a client ask you to see more details of a property? Go beyond a photo gallery and record a video of the property! With iMovie, an all-in-one video application, creating, editing, viewing, and publishing videos on your iPhone, iPad, or Apple computer is a breeze.

As you know, creating visual content is vital in the digital age. Thus, you need this practical platform, another option to do it from a device with an Android system is InShot. Unquestionably, this app allows you to cut video, add music, text, and share it on social networks. Hence, your clients will love having a professional-looking virtual tour, especially if they are as busy people as you.

3- CamScanner

The pace of work of a real estate agent is very dynamic and requires adaptability. What to do when you need to scan a document and you are not in the office or near a computer that allows you to do it? For that, there is CamScanner that helps you scan, store, sync, and share content through your cell phone, iPad, tablet, or desktop computer. You can scan using your smartphone’s camera, make cutouts to improve your presentation, and share the files in PDF or JPEG via social networks or email.

What Is the Best Real Estate Tool?

Finding the best tools for realtors is not an easy job to do. We have done a lot of research to find the best realtor tools. The best tools for realtors should cover all aspects of the real estate business.

Realtormate, one of the best realtor tools, has most of the useful features you need to boost your business. You can create real estate marketing, generate real estate leads, manage your social media presence, grow your online business, and so on.

The other choice is Freshworks. It has a sales force and marketing automation. You can have appropriate sales and marketing teams by applying this realtor software.

All in all

This article is a perfect choice for those looking for realtor tools. Obviously, you can find the top 10 useful ones. Thus, you shouldn’t miss reading this blog if you are seeking the best tools for realtors. Besides, we brought the pricing strategies and their pros and cons.

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