5 Powerful Digital Marketing Tips for Real Estate Agents in 2021


Digital marketing for real estate agents offers a huge platform for increasing your brand, income, and business. However, real estate digital marketing does take time, effort, and talent.

Why is Digital Marketing Important?

The real estate market is constantly changing due to the advancements of digital tools just like all other industries.

In this new era, and especially in 2021, in which people search for everything from their homes through the internet, it is important to understand that sales will be a direct consequence of good real estate marketing. If you are looking for digital marketing for a real estate company, in this article, we will show you several key strategies, how to use them, some examples and tips on real estate marketing to implement them in your business, and take advantage of your competition.

Real Estate Digital Marketing Strategies

As we mentioned at the beginning of this article, the marketing strategies for real estate professionals are digital. Especially in 2021 when it is difficult to go out and prospect. So by using digital tools, we can reach all of our prospects effectively and quickly.

Of all the tools and strategies that we present to you, use the ones that best suit your business and best reach your ideal client.

1- Realtormate As a Strong Tool

The first recommended real estate marketing tool to improve your productivity is Realtormate since it allows you to have access to the property search.

Besides, from any browser, you have access to Realtormate, which turns your mobile into a fully productive marketing tool. In other words, it allows you to carry your entire office in your pocket.

Additionally, you need to have an excellent real estate management tool to move up in social media and specifically Instagram, since Instagram is the most-used social media in recent years.

This tool would help you boost your growth and presence on Instagram. This expert group can give you a hand to expand your business on Instagram by providing different services. In other words, it is an excellent Instagram marketing solution designed for the real estate industry.

Here we will introduce five practical real estate marketing services by Realtormate. They are scheduling service, DM service, post-service, and growth.

These services can help you boost your account and brand ultimately. They cover up almost all aspects of the real estate business.

When we are regarding the best apps for real estate agents, another quality that should be considered is the pricing. The pricing plan of this app, in comparison with other ones, is more reasonable. In other words, you can trust its pricing plan. You have an opportunity to use it free for one month. Therefore, after checking how useful it can be, you can pay for it.


2- Websites As a Marketing Tool

Whether you are trying to sell a complete real estate development or have several properties for sale, it may be an excellent idea to create a website to advertise them. 

You just have to keep in mind that to create a website; it is highly recommended to contact an expert in the field. Added to this, you need to program it thinking of strategies to attract potential clients.

A good website needs to represent your business. Therefore, the real estate project being advertised should be designed specifically for your ideal client.

If your property is aimed at a client with a medium, high, or very high socioeconomic level, the site must visually reflect these values.

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3- Landing Page for Properties

It is about a microsite with a single defined objective such as capturing prospects or leads, sending them to another site to book, etc. They may have clicked on an advertisement on social networks or from the Google search engine to improve your digital marketing for real estate.

The important thing is that it is visually attractive to the prospect. Thus, it describes the advantages of the property and that the first thing visible is the contact form where you will leave us your data. With this information, we can begin the sales process.

4- Content Marketing for Real Estate

Digital marketing for real estate is about creating interesting content for potential clients with different objectives.

Depending on the stage of purchase in which they are, these can be to get to know the brand. Additionally, they can motivate them to buy, or simply provide them with information that may be relevant to them.

Creating real estate content to use in digital marketing for real estate can be a time-consuming task, but it can be very profitable. If used correctly to organically position a real estate site and to drive traffic the site, it can eventually make a sale.

When you invest your time and money into blogging, you’re focusing primarily on the act of creating and publishing original content on your website regularly. 

Therefore, when you invest your time and money into digital marketing for real estate, you’re focusing on providing value to attract prospects, capture and nurture leads, and acquire new customers. 

5- Social Networks for Real Estate Marketing

As we always tell our clients, all companies need social networks, but not all social networks are for all companies. We must think about where our potential customers spend more time.

Having an account is important because most people have an Instagram or Facebook account, unlike other social networks.

One of the most important businesses of Instagram is Instagram Ads. They are paid advertisements. They are very effective marketing tools for real estate. Specifically, they reach the exact people according to their socioeconomic and demographic characteristics.

It is very important that, in addition to making advertisements, you share the content you have created. These contents can be for your website, your real estate activities, and all this to promote your brand.

Returning to the theme of the open house, this network is very effective to promote events; also the Instagram Live tool is one of the excellent real estate digital marketing services. It will allow you to show the spaces and characteristics live to bring the client closer to the property from a distance.

To sum up

Using all these tips, we guarantee that you will have more and better customers. Therefore, you have better and greater chances of making your sales.

Remember that to do digital marketing for real estate, you will need professionals in digital marketing. They help you implement them, as well.

If you have any questions about digital marketing for real estate, do not hesitate to write to us. We will gladly answer all questions.

If you need help with your strategies, contact us to create the ideal digital strategy for your business. 

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