We all know that real estate is a tough market. There are a lot of active real estate agents. Besides, you can see that there is a good opportunity for real estate growth. You can achieve it by considering real estate market trends and having the ability to forecast real estate market forecasts.

Therefore, the good news is that growth is within your hands. There are different actions you can take to grow your real estate business properly. In other words, you need to reach new clients and make more sales along the way.

In order to get your desirable real estate growth, you should have a good knowledge of Top real estate growth academies.

Top 4 Real Estate Growth Academies

For having the best real estate growth, you need to get some help. There are a variety of different real estate growth academies which can provide you with opportunities. Here, we will introduce some of the best real estate growth academies.

1- Realtormate Growth Academy

It is clear that the real estate market is changing drastically. Real estate agents are moving toward the world of real estate social media marketing. Real estate growth could be achieved by forecasting the real estate market trends. Social media has become one of the most practical trends in the real estate industry. Hence, it is smart to be active on at least one social network. Instagram has become the most growing one with the highest engagement range. Here, we will explain a real estate Instagram growth tool to improve your real estate business.

One of the services in this academy is Instagram Account Growth Service by Realtormate. It would do anything you need to have the best Instagram account. It would provide you with all the necessary options to grow your real estate business on social media. Furthermore, it creates:

  • Posts
  • Builds a close relationship with clients
  • Engages them with your social media market

In other words, it makes your followers have deep engagement with you and your business. You can trust it to have a growth-guaranteed Instagram account.

2- Beacon Communities

Beacon Communities has almost anything you need to have the highest real estate growth.

This full-service development academy can give you a vision for a better real estate market forecast.

It is best known for the development of new affordable housing as well as the preservation of existing affordable housing.

3- Colliers International

This is a fully supporting real estate growth academy. It has one of the best strategies for growing your real estate business. Colliers International is a leading company in the real estate industry. It has operations in nearly 70 countries with many clients.

Besides, it has offices in 41 states and the District of Columbia. Furthermore, it is a full-service mortgage firm, insurance provider, and project management company. Additionally, Colliers International covers almost all aspects of real estate transactions. 

4- J.G. Petrucci As a Real Estate Growth Academy

J.G. Petrucci has a full-service design/build specialist, owner, and developer of residential, commercial, and industrial real estate throughout New Jersey and Pennsylvania. It is a private real estate growth company. It has delivered more than 700 design and build projects since the time it was founded. Besides, you can see that J.G. Petrucci academy can help you have a practical understanding of real estate market trends.

Top Real Estate Growth Advisors

For growing your business properly, you need to get some help from professional advisors. They can give you some practical hints to grow your business.

Real estate advisors bring real estate services. These Companies offer renters insurance, real estate investment, and management services. Besides, they can lead you to find out the real estate market trends.

1- Coldwell Banker

This real estate growth advisor was founded in San Francisco in 1906. Coldwell Banker has a perfect record of providing dependable real estate services to its clients. It is one of the biggest companies in this industry. The company has 3,000 offices in nearly 50 countries and territories. It’s known for providing top-rated services and thoroughly training its agents.

2- ERA Real Estate

Realogy manages electronic Realty Associates. You can call it one of the most influential companies in this category. ERA, founded in 1971. You can call it the champion real estate growth advisor. This company has the best technological base. A lot of realtor online agents are working for this company, too. ERA has grown over time. It now has offices in many countries around the globe, including Japan, Saudi Arabia, and Germany.

3- Camden Property Trust

Camden property trust is a good choice if you are looking for a real estate advisor to have a better real estate market forecast.

This company is a professional in developing, owning, and managing multifamily residential apartment communities. Camden Property Trust has become one of the largest publicly traded companies of its kind in the U.S.

What Is the Average Real Estate Growth Rate?

Although it might look a little difficult to guess the real estate growth rate, we tried to give you some practical information.

We can say that the growth average is almost 3.5 to 3.8 percent per year. Besides, you need to consider that the annual average home appreciation is based on local housing market trends as well as the economy. Thus, you can see a great deal of fluctuation in real estate’s growth rate.

All in all

We tried to bring a complete guide for real estate growth. In this article, you can see four successful real estate growth academies which can help you out. Besides, we mentioned some real estate market trends and provided you with some hints for real estate market forecasts.

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