Real estate branding has become one of the most important issues that you need to consider deeply. A real estate brand can make you look different from others. Besides, it would help people choose you. 

Why Do We Need Real Estate Branding?

Real estate branding is as personal as the clothes we choose. We simply like it, and it attracts us, or just the opposite.

Real estate agencies are often tempted to “stew” many real estate marketing decisions internally. On the other hand, they are unaware that every hit the customer receives is a difficult impression to change.

If a person serves us in a bad way, we will not return. Although it might have a logo, a real estate website, a place, and impeccable communication.

That is why every detail counts. And above all details, real estate branding ideas play more important roles. Besides, the name of your real estate brand is responsible for you to be selected. As with real estate logos, naming is often solved internally, especially when it comes to a small business.

Normally these are services offered by real estate branding and marketing professionals within the design of the company’s corporate visual identity.

What Is Real Estate Branding?

Brands are perceptions and when you sell a real estate development, you are dealing directly with perception, whether it’s selling off-plan or in the early stages of development. You’re likely trying to convey a vision of what a potential buyer is expecting. Hence, you create a sense of promise that a currently empty place will one day grow into a vibrant community.

By establishing a personality, a name, and identity around your real estate development, an emotional connection between the buyer and the property begins. Real estate branding is also a powerful way to ensure identifiable market positioning.

Taking the time to build a realtor’s branding increases interest and demand for your services. Simply put, realtor branding helps you stand out. You will attract potential buyers with an emotional connection that only a real estate branding strategy can create for you. Taking advantage of its unique selling points, realtor branding ideas will help you show the individuality of your properties to buyers. Respect for the environment, design and family life are aspects that come to life in the real estate branding category.

Everything that your real estate marketing development represents, everything that you are trying to achieve, can be encapsulated in your brand. Potential real estate buyers are more inclined to have faith in your business with the brand and they would change to a customer. When they experience high-quality design and services from the moment they participate in its development, they are more likely to have confidence that this standard will continue beyond the sales experience. Branding helps them feel confident that it will deliver what it promises.

Top 12 Real Estate Branding Ideas and Examples

As you may know, real estate branding is very crucial to guarantee your success. When done right, the real estate brand establishes an immediate sense of trust, in the way that an image conveys a thousand words. The real estate brand creates its development in an identity that words could not capture.

Thus, we could feel the importance of having practical real estate branding and marketing ideas. We brought the top ones down here.

1- Use Real Estate Branding Companies

Real estate growth could be achieved by considering real estate branding. Social media has become one of the most practical trends in the real estate industry. Thus, social media should be a part of your real estate branding strategy.

You know that Instagram has become the most growing social media with the highest engagement range. Here, we will explain a real estate Instagram growth tool that can directly build your real estate brand on Instagram.

In order to make it happen, it uses Instagram Account Growth Service. It covers anything you need to create your real estate brand on Instagram. You can find all the services you need to grow your real estate brand.

  • Creating your Instagram Posts and Stories
  • Scheduling Instagram Content
  • Generating appropriate Instagram Hashtags
  • Answering Direct Messages
  • Increasing your clients’ engagement
  • Video and photo editing

Trust them and let them build up your real estate marketing and branding strategy. Their professional group can help you move forward. In other words, this realtor’s social media marketing group can provide you with all services needed for branding.

Watching the video helps you know more about Realtormate and generate real estate leads.

2- Tell Stories that Put your Target Customers in the Picture

More than just showing the building or the rooms within it, you can help your buyers imagine living or working there. Telling them about what is there in the area, facilities, amenities, or community. They will have a positive effect on their overall lifestyle or business.

Perhaps you could conduct interviews with existing residents. Furthermore, you can produce an article on local restaurants, schools, and shops. The possibilities are endless. You just need to access the right audience and understand what motivates them.

3- Show Your Knowledge and Give Your Buyers a Head Start

Give your audience a reason to trust you by providing answers to questions they have about real estate.

The key here is to make sure you’re adding real value and not just spreading sales messages disguised as advice. Put your real estate clients at the forefront of your mind when creating this type of content. In other words, try to get to the heart of who they are and what they want.

4- Invest in Video and Photography

The National Association of Realtors found that 85% of buyers and sellers prefer to work with an agent who offers video marketing, but only 15% of agents actually use video to market their real estate listings.

In today’s digital landscape, where posts containing images and videos get the most traction online, embracing new media is essential for real estate agent branding survival.

5- Bring Your Forward Thinkers

In addition to looking for ways to help your agents make personal connections, you also need to find opportunities for them to contribute to your company’s brand.

Engage your best real estate agents and bring them into the content creation process. Put them in front of the camera for a Q&A or discussion, then go live or record it and use it on all your platforms.

In short, if you want to build a respected, trustworthy, and attractive real estate brand, remember: inspiration, information, and adding value.

6- Choose the Right Name

It should be a short, easy to pronounce, easy to spell, and meaningful name. You need a business name and brand that will communicate those values. Therefore, you need to be careful as you are choosing the name of your real estate brand.

For example, Indy Home Pros is a good name for a real estate brand. It is meaningful, tells the industry, the place of working and their excellent ability.

7- Create Logo

If you want to be known in the world of business, you need to have a logo. This logo doesn’t need to be something unimaginable. It should be catchy and full of ideas. 

8- Branding is Beyond the Logos

A brand goes way beyond a logo. A real estate brand is who you are, and that can’t be considered with a symbol and font. Your real estate branding strategy should show the level of service people can expect when working with you. Your real estate brand should be established on the trust that people have in you when buying or selling a property. 

9- Have Something More Meaningful than Slogan

Having a slogan is not something that customers remember. You need to have a reputation to make your clients have you in their minds. It’s more important that people know who you are and how you can help them. The way you would help them is actually the key to all of your real estate marketing. Try to understand what matters to your customers and cover it up.

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10- Use Your Everyday Photos Rather Than Headshots

When you are having your photo to build real estate agent branding, you are not just a photo. You are so much more than just one headshot photo that everyone can have it. Besides, your customers know that you are more than the photo. Therefore, why you should keep using the same photo on everything oftentimes? Invest in having a good collection of high-quality photos of yourself. They could take a photo of the time you are feeding your pet or the time you spend in a recreation center. 

11- Make a Value List

The value list is what you believe in. It clarifies how you think like an agent and what your customers can expect when they are dealing with you. In this value list, you should clearly show what you can do for your clients. The following is an example of a value list.

“We Satisfy And Delight Our Customers – Our customers are the lifeblood of our business and our most important stakeholder. We strive to meet or exceed their expectations on every shopping experience”. 

12- Colors Are Important

You may think that it is not an important issue to consider. But, real estate branding is a crucial issue to pay attention to. Picking colors is more than just clicking on a color that appeals. You need to be aware of the colors you use. You should be sure to write the colors down so you know exactly what colors your business is built on.


Best Real Estate Branding and Marketing Strategy

Branding for real estate developments is a fundamental part of the real estate sales strategy. Communicate the essence and personality of each of the projects, forming and managing the first contact space with your prospects.

Many real estate agencies do not yet have a real estate branding strategy and do not know how they could get results from applying one.

Branding needs to be part of real estate marketing. When it is carried out correctly in your company, you will achieve a better position with your customers. Thus, you will communicate your brand story more efficiently. You can also make some good-looking real estate flyers to make your job easier than ever. Here we will explain the useful strategies.

1- Real Estate Branding for the Company

This strategy begins at the moment of promoting the content that your real estate company offers to the public. It should include the forms and strategies that will be implemented to reach your ideal clients.

The goal is to make your agency identifiable, but above all to have its goal and values established.

2- Real Estate Branding for Area

It is valuable to implement a branding strategy that is ideal to show the benefits of an area. This can focus, in general, on the place where your agency is located or, in particular, on the areas where the properties that you manage as a real estate agent are located.

3- Real Estate Branding to Influence

This is the most important type of branding for real estate developments at the time of any sale since many times the client knows what he does NOT want, but he doesn’t know what he wants.

This is where you can also rely on zone branding since you can show the benefits of the place where you want to sell.

4- Real Estate Branding for Perception

The perception of an area or country in which to invest is a combination of factors such as education, distance, infrastructure, security, natural environment, and more.

It should be taken into account at what real estate level you are going. Part of the work of selling abroad is to modify or improve the branding of your region or country.

Selling honestly in this sector is essential, as doing so guarantees reputation. A lack of values ​​just to sell could destroy the branding work that your company has even in future projects.

As you can see, all these types of branding for real estate developments are widely used by brands. It is valuable to combine them in the real estate world, as your brand will be more easily projected to the client.

5- Marketing and Branding for Real Estate Developments

Consumer behavior has changed over the years and marketing has also evolved in its strategies. It turns out that most companies in the real estate sector have lagged behind by continuing to use strategies that are no longer as effective as they used to be today.

Therefore, they require a clear integration of marketing and branding for real estate developments.

6- Digital Marketing Strategies for Real Estate

Real estate agencies have to adapt their communication to new real estate online marketing techniques. There are many channels such as social networks, email marketing, websites, and search engine promotion, where most of the target audience is.

Digital marketing strategy is achieved through SEO positioning, or what is the same, the improvement of our visibility in search engines such as Google, to appear in the first positions of unpaid searches.

Another aspect to take into account is the SEM positioning or means to appear in the first paid search engine results. This is achieved through Google Ads, that is, buying an advertising campaign for real estate.

There is also email marketing for real estate, which involves sending email newsletters to potential clients to promote a strategy that integrates multiple channels.

Finally, real estate marketing on social networks should not be forgotten. With this tool you can create a direct and trusting relationship with your followers, achieving more sales.

3 Top Real Estate Brands in 2021

According to the pandemic situation, all companies have faced difficulty. Here, we brought the top three real estate brands to help you know them and follow their guideline.

1- Brookfield Asset Management | Canada

This company has built the most successful brand in the past year by selling $63.400 billion and creating a profit of more than $175.86 million. This huge brand has been the most successful in the last year.

2- American Tower Corporation | United States

This company Founded in 1995. It is one of the largest global Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs). American Tower Corporation is a leading independent owner, operator, and developer of wireless and broadcast communications real estate. It sold $69.673 billion and made $69.674 billion in the last year.

3- Prologis | United States

This well-known brand has around $46 billion in assets under management and logistics and distribution facilities in North America, Europe, Asia, and South America. It works very comprehensively in the real estate market. This company has sold almost 4.439 billion and it has made $1.482 billion in the previous year.

All in all

This article covers all aspects of real estate branding. We tried to prepare a comprehensive guide about real estate branding and marketing. 12 different real branding ideas are brought here. Besides, we introduced the most useful real estate branding strategies. Furthermore, we talked about the top real estate brands, as well.

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