11 Essential Real Estate Agent Tools Every Agent Needs

Are you a realtor? If yes, can you afford to handle your job interactions? If you are reading this article, it means that you’d like to expand your marketing area to the Internet. So, what brings you here is the need to have an essential real estate agent tool. On the other hand, you may think you need several real estate agent tools to manage your works (but you’re probably wrong).

In this article, you will get to know all the best tools for realtors. In other words, some realtor tools will work in all aspects of your job, and we are going to introduce them to you. 

First of all, we present the top 6 tools for real estate agents. And then, we’ll show you five excellent realtor software, best for the business of lead generation

Top 6 Real Estate Agent Tools Every Agent Needs

There is a lot of real estate agent software worldwide nowadays, but not all of them can suit you. So, you’d better take time to get familiar with the best of them. 

1. RealtorMate (the Best Real Estate Agent Tool)

RealtorMate is probably one of the best tools for real estate agents. As the name signifies, RealtorMate is specifically for realtors and can be your best companion during your business life. Growing your Instagram account, promoting your social accounts, finding new leads, and turning them into your clients is the primary purpose of its existence. 

What are RealtorMate features? With RealtorMate (sign up for free), you can do lots of things in several categories, including: 

Growth Services

If you’re eager to raise your Instagram followers, you’ll need to have a good management service. Don’t think that you can administer all the things you have on social media. Social media marketing requires a wide range of knowledge and skills to compete in this market. So, you’ll need to assign some missions to an Instagram marketing expert. 

This is where you need an account manager and content creator, and RealtorMate will give you one. RealtorMate’s dedicated account manager will work on your Instagram account’s growth as well as content creation and designing

In general, some of the RealtorMate growth services are:

  • Providing AI targeted follower list
  • Hashtag, location, and competitor targeting
  • Manual growth activities
  • Dedicated growth manager
  • Growth stats and weekly digest

 If you want to know more about Realtormate capabilities, watch this video:

Content Creation Services

Your Realtormate account manager will receive any tasks and missions about creating content if you want. However, if you choose to take a DIY step into it, you’re free to use a complete tool for creating and scheduling your content. 

In this regard, some of the features are:

  • Scheduling posts, stories, and IGTVs
  • Competitor and hashtag monitoring for reposting
  • Providing templates both for images and videos, especially with real estate theme
  • Running contests and giveaways comfortably with a special form of template
  • Content strategy and plan
  • Online concierge for content requests and revisions
  • RealtorMate social calendar for making top posts about upcoming events

CRM Services

We keep saying that RealtorMate is among the best tools for real estate agents because it’s also a CRM software. You can add as many collaborators as you want, get in touch with them. Besides, you can also connect with your customers through RealtorMate’s fantastic dashboard. Some of these services are:

  • Archiving all Instagram directs in your email
  • Using your email or RealtorMate dashboard to receive and send messages through multiple accounts
  • Auto direct services to send messages to everyone
  • Bio link provider with unlimited number of links, buttons, external links, and even rewards
  • Analyzing your account with complete demographics and stats

RealtorMate Pricing

Although there is a free plan to use, to use the most significant features, you need to buy RealtorMate packages. Except for an essential plan for DIY services, you can choose between Growthmate, Postmate, and VIP packages. The last three plans will cost you 129$, 299, and 399$ monthly, respectively. 

2. HelloSign

Signatures are what you need to close any deal or document, but you’d better know how to handle them in this era. While digital signatures are becoming popular, you’d better use a new realtor technology for yourself. 

With HelloSign, you can gather all of your customers’ signatures and close any document with them. 

Hellosign Pricing

Hellosign services consist of three different purchasable plans in which one is not definite because you may want most of the features. However, you need to pay 15$ and 25$ per month for its other services. 

3. Canva

Canva is a great tool for real estate video templates in order to make new content quickly. As you know, your content mostly includes videos introducing a property to others. Moreover, Canva is complete in finding the best quality pictures without any watermark. 

Canva is a complete tool for editing photos and videos. 

There are two purchasable plans besides the free usage. The prices start from 17.98$ to 200$ monthly. 

Canva Pricing

Canva has two payable packages. The pro and enterprise pack respectively cost you 17.98$ and 200$ monthly. 

4. Real Geeks

Real Geeks is one of the real estate sale tools providing several services. You can leverage your digital marketing with Real Geeks through many services. Some of these services are:

  • Facebook campaign to set up a new Facebook account
  • Lead Manager
  • Property valuation services
  • Market reports and competitor monitoring

Real Geeks Pricing

Real Geeks doesn’t provide you with in-advance choices. However, the prices start from 249$ and go high. 

5. Evernote

One of the handy real estate tools for agents is Evernote. The main idea of this software is to give you an organized space of notes. However, this doesn’t complete Evernote’s all features. The services you can have while using Evernote includes:

  • Creating unlimited notes capable of attaching PDFs, documents, images, and videos
  • Connecting your personal work and Google Calendar accounts
  • Managing and assigning tasks to your crew and tracking their progress
  • Finding content by location (good for realtors)

Evernote pricing

Evernote plans are so cheap and affordable. The most expensive plan will cost you 5.53 USD per month. 

6. Google Suite

Google Suite is our last top real estate software on the list. You will need a cloud workspace for digital marketing for sure, and that is what Google Suite does. Besides, it incorporates many Google services like Gmail, Google Drive, Google Calendar, Google Keep, etc. 

Google Suite Pricing

Apart from the free trial that Google Suite provides, it has plans costing from 6$ to 18$. However, if you’d like to use more of its features, you can negotiate and pay a higher price. 

6 Best Real Estate Lead Generation Tools

Now, let’s look at the real estate tools for agents in order to generate more leads. 

1. RealtorMate (Also the Best Real Estate Lead Generation Tool)

In the previous section, you found out that RealtorMate is a high-quality tool that will find more leads for you. So, you’d better consider RealtorMate as a top choice because it keeps you from spending money on another app. 

To see how RealtorMate generates more leads, watch the following video:

2. Bold Leads

If you want to have a straight plan for finding new customers in your area, Bold Leads will be your wish. Bold Leads will run ad campaigns for you on all websites using Google services. Some of their features are:

  • Automated follow-up
  • Email templates
  • Lead engagement indicator tools
  • Buyer and seller leads

Bold Leads Pricing

Bold Leads has three plans; lite, professional and advanced. The prices will differ from 399$ to 649$ monthly. 

3. Market Leader

Market Leader is best known for its guaranteed leads. So, every lead they find for you has its price depending on the zip code. If you want to know more about it, read the following list representing their main features. 

  • Buyer and seller leads
  • Automated marketing
  • Integration with MLS
  • CRM

Market Leader Pricing

The least amount of money you have to pay for the Market Leader services is 129$ monthly. However, you need to pay additionally around 30$ for each lead. 

4. Zurple

If a fast tool specialized in automation is your target, Zurple will be a wise choice. Personalized message automation and automated emails are two main functions of Zurple. However, there are more features and services like:

  • Buyer and seller leads
  • Automated emails
  • Custom website
  • Lead profile extraction
  • Lead contact alerts

Zurple Pricing

Zurple is a great tool, and the prices also look great! If you want to use the least features of Zurple, it can cost you 399$ per month. If you’re looking for a complete adventure with Zurple, you have to pay 1148 monthly.  


Another real estate agent tool that provides complete lead information like their property history is undoubtedly REDX. REDX can find valid leads using zip codes that will help you focus on your other work area. Some of the best features of REDX are:

  • Lead conversions and management systems
  • Localized leads
  • Online support
  • Providing Do Not Call lists

REDX Pricing

REDX does not have two or three plans with absolute prices. Only pay for whatever you need. REDX has different prices for five different types of leads. The price for each lead ranges from 39.99$ to 79.99$ per month. 

6. Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM is a real estate agent tool that is efficient on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Along with being a CRM tool, Zoho CRM has a solid analytical feature with detailed stats. The features of Zoho CRM include:

  • Buyer and seller leads
  • Decisive analytics
  • Customized reports
  • Social media lead capturing

Zoho CRM Pricing

You can start your Zoho CRM marketing with a minimum of 12$ apart from the prices for finding leads. 

Which Real Estate Tools Do You Need the Most?

The decision time is the most challenging time for every person, including a real estate agent. Which real estate agent tool do you need the most? Traditionally, they say that “one answer is not the right answer.” However, you always need to question the traditions. 

Firstly, you’d better be clear to yourself about how you want to do your job. 

If you’re going to spend most of your time on digital advertising, go for tools with more DIY services. In this case, you need to choose several tools and use all of them. 

If you’re going to outsource your advertising, choose tools with a complete set of services. 

Secondly, consider the prices, the services, and the efficiency of the services simultaneously. For example, people now spend their time mostly on social media platforms instead of searching on browsers. So, many great features for developing web-based marketing may not be as efficient as social ones. 

Final thought

Based on the last section, you can have several options to use as a real estate agent tool. One is undoubtedly RealtorMate because of its reputation and efficiency. The other reason is the prices as well as its complete services like lead generating, automation, and CRM services. Besides this great choice, you’d better know that all these tools are best overall. 

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