Top 5 Real Estate Marketing Agencies in 2021

It is very important to choose a real estate marketing agency. This agency partner will help you achieve your marketing goals.

Many real estate marketing agencies and agency partners have played a big role in creating dozens of real estate agencies. Therefore, when a customer wants to choose an agency, he will face dozens of brands.  Hence, it isn’t easy to choose one of them. Real estate marketing agencies use social media, advertising, online catalogs, and other mainstream marketing tools. Additionally, they help agents market their properties. In this article, we are going to offer the best real estate marketing agencies to facilitate this process.

How Do You Evaluate Real Estate Marketing Agencies?

Marketing is an essential element of every successful real estate business. It is the key to ensuring high-quality potential customers. However, it is difficult to determine which real estate marketing company is best for your team. Thus, we evaluated the company based on its marketing expertise, the breadth of services provided, and the quality of customer support.

Real Estate Marketing Agency Pricing:

We considered the price of services provided by real estate marketing companies. Thus, you can evaluate the value provided by each company. However, we can see that there is an average price. This can be varied based on the services. It can start from $10 monthly to more than $800.

Social Media Settings:

All companies on our list will set up social media accounts for their customers from the very beginning. In most cases, this is mainly done through Instagram. Others are willing to set up other social media accounts for the agent upon request. Social media settings include page creation, optimization, and setting up advertising accounts on each platform.

Social Media Management:

All the following companies will manage social media accounts, but again, this mainly refers to Instagram. Real estate social media management needs to publish on behalf of an agent or agency. Besides, it reviews comments and becomes an “agent” on the social media platform. In other words, it will be a great help for realtor online agents.

Social Media Advertising:

Social media advertising includes ads placed on social media and recommended posts. All the companies will create your ads, create a target audience for your ads, and provide you with statistics about the effectiveness of your ads as needed.

IDX-enabled Website Creation:

An IDX-enabled website is essential for any agent or agency. Most of the companies can create these websites internally. However, all companies can use internal employees or third-party partners to provide this service to their customers. All the companies can also provide hosting services that support the website. Furthermore, if there are difficulties with the provided website, you can contact someone to help.

Top 5 Real Estate Marketing Agencies

A real estate marketing agency allows companies to expand their business. Without the physical presence of the realtor, a real estate marketing agency will give you access to the real estate market quickly and efficiently. 

Their knowledge and expertise in the market will help you make the best choices for your company’s establishment.

A real estate marketing agency will procure business from potential clients on behalf of your business and close deals on your behalf. Here, we are going to introduce you to the best 3 real estate marketing agencies.

1- Realtormate

The first real estate marketing agency for realtors to improve their productivity is Realtormate. It lets you have access to the property search. Besides, from any browser, you have access to the Realtormate. Hence, your mobile would be a fully productive and operational tool. In addition, it allows you to have your office in your pocket.

This professional group can help you expand your business on social media by providing different services. In other words, it is an awesome realtor Instagram advertising solution designed for the real estate industry. Here we will introduce some practical real estate marketing services. They are scheduling service, DM service, post-service, and growth.

Each of these services can support you in building up your brand. Post-service can lead you toward the best real estate photo ideas. Besides, it provides you with real estate content ideas that play a vital role in the process of real estate marketing.

You should know that DM service is very essential as you are building a real estate marketing agency. This app offers you the most practical Direct Message service. Additionally, it can add great value to your business by engaging with the customers. Considering this tool is essential for real estate marketing.

These services can help you progress your agency ultimately. They cover up almost all aspects of the real estate business.

When we are regarding the best real estate marketing agency, another quality that should be considered is the pricing. The pricing plan of this app, in comparison with other ones, is more reasonable. In other words, you can trust its pricing plan.

You have an opportunity to use it free for one month. Therefore, after checking how useful it can be, you can pay for it. Thus, the pricing plan can cover up all budget plans. It starts from free services to almost $399 per month for  VIP services. There are some other choices as well. You can choose any of them based on your need.

2- InMotion Real Estate-Media

InMotion Real Estate Media is a real estate marketing company specializing in high-quality media creation. The platform offers web development and general marketing services and specializes in graphic design and video production. Added to this, these services are available at a custom pricing structure and are best for realtors who want eye-catching visual materials.

The pricing information isn’t available through the InMotion website. Since the graphic design and other marketing costs incurred by customers of InMotion are based on the number of hours required to complete the work. 

InMotion is an excellent high-quality video content provider. It is professional and eye-catching, but they lack some basic marketing features, such as local real estate promotional tools.

3- CityBlast

CityBlast is a commercial real estate company. It creates custom and locally targeted social media content for real estate professionals. Besides, It helps you expand your business in social media, email, and strategic linking marketing tools. This makes CityBlast a good choice, specifically for agents who want an all-in-one marketing service focusing on social media.

The pricing strategy depends on preferred marketing tools, payment schedules, and ad spend.

It starts from $15.99 to $429.99 per month. This pricing range depends on the services and timing of usage.

It provides agents and brokers tools to grow their online audience by improving their website’s SEO. Additionally, it increases website traffic and building brand loyalty through targeted, local content.

4- Odoo

Being present on Social Media increases awareness. It connects you with your customers and boosts leads, and income.

This real estate marketing agency can also provide customer support. Furthermore, it helps broadcast important company news and messages.

Added to this, you plan, monitor, and analyze your accounts in one place. Users respond well to live chats. It gives them a chance for real-time interaction. You can proactively engage with visitors, which is a crucial part of a positive real estate social media marketing strategy.

5- 1000WATT

1000watt is a premium consultancy specializing in real estate. It focuses on high-level marketing, branding, and strategic marketing initiatives.

They work not only with brokerages and real estate agents, but real estate tech companies, title, and mortgage. They also have a blog with industry observations that is absolutely worth following.

All in all

We provided a complete guide to choose the best real estate marketing agency. The top 5 real estate marketing agencies we introduced, could support your business in all aspects. This article is the ultimate guide for anybody who wants to hire a real estate marketing company.

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