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How to Get Real Estate Leads from Craigslist? 2021 Guide

Craigslist can be difficult to use. You can buy and sell almost anything you want (within reason), not to mention the personal section. If you want your Craigslist ad to stand out, you need to put more effort into it than the average publisher.

In this article, we will tell you how to get real estate leads from craigslist. Take some extra time with your next ad and follow this guide for important tips and tricks.

How to Get Real Estate Leads from Craigslist?

In recent years, real estate agents have been generating real estate leads using Craigslist. Most people think of Craigslist as a website where people just go to sell their old items around the house or search for furniture, video games, and cars. In fact, there are a lot of things to do on Craigslist that don’t involve shopping. Therefore, it is important to know how to get real estate leads from craigslist. It is also used to do the following:

  • Help employers post new jobs
  • Help job seekers find out who is hiring
  • Announce special events
  • Personal ads for users seeking friendships
  • Lost objects
  • To chat and post on discussion forums

As we mentioned above, you need to know how to get real estate leads from craigslist. Hence, we are going to provide a thorough guide about this issue. Considering these elements would help you completely.

1- Create the Ad

Think about the title. The title is the first thing people will see when browsing Craigslist, so you have to make sure it’s eye-catching and informative because if you don’t provide enough detail, people likely won’t click to see what you’re offering.

If you are selling a property, including a brief description of the quality of the item. The title begins with the object, followed by some adjectives. Use capital letters to add emphasis. Consider any of the following phrases:

  • As new
  • Only owner
  • Without using
  • I need to sell
  • It works very well

If you want to publish a house or an apartment, use words related to the home to create a feeling of comfort in the reader. Mention the characteristics of the property, such as the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, and the square footage. Considering these issues would help you generate real estate leads and make your business more profitable.

2- Add a Description

The description is the main part of the ad, it is the body, and it is what users look at for details. Differentiate yourself with good grammar and spelling.

Tell a story. This is a very useful tactic for selling. Never say you want to get rid of something because you don’t like it anymore. Instead, make it clear that you are renovating or that you need to sell the item because you are moving.

Speak well of the product. Approach the ad like a salesperson would. Tell the reader why they need your product instead of the others shown in the results. Include specs and details of what you are selling to make it look more professional.

Compare the price you ask with the initial cost of the object to highlight the value that the reader will get if they buy the product from you. This way, you put the price in perspective, which is useful for more expensive items.

When listing a rental property, provide a detailed description of the interior and exterior. It exposes the positive aspects of the neighborhood; for example, if there are schools nearby, proximity to a good restaurant, or a place of recreation, etc. List any new renovations and the date new tenants can move in, as well as rental costs.

Avoid any personal information that identifies you. Make an initial contact via email that cannot be linked to your actual name, address, or occupation.

3- Use Professionals who know how to get real estate leads from craigslist

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4- Include Images in Your Ad

Use Craigslist’s image upload tool to add photos to your ad from your computer. You can add multiple images, but the first one is the one that will appear next to the search.

Images help a lot when it comes to selling a property. If the reader is looking for a physical object to buy, and it does not have an image, it is very likely that they will not buy it, since people like to see the condition of what is for sale.

When listing a rental property, show the front of the house, or apartment, in the first image and use the others to show the interior, patio, and other angles.

If you run a personal ad, you have to decide how comfortable you feel about posting a photo of your property for strangers to see. If you decide to use an image, make sure it is flattering and doesn’t violate Craigslist rules.

Craigslist will soon remove direct links to external images. If you want to add images to your ad, and you don’t want the post to be flagged as inappropriate, be sure to use the tool. Craigslist allows ads to have simple text links to other pages; And since buyers like to see a lot of high-quality photos, it can be helpful to use a service to add images and then a text link in the “for more images” option of your ad.

5- Make the Text More Interesting

Craigslist supports basic HTML code in ads, allowing you to manipulate the text; this means you can make it bold, italic, or another color, use numbering points, and more. Visit the Craigslist Help section for the specifics of the code that is available and how to use it. Using number points to mention features can help buyers understand your product faster than if you describe it in paragraph form.

6- Post the Ad

After you have chosen the images, you will have to write the CAPTCHA, and then you will receive an email from Craigslist that will have a link to your ad, where you can make the final edits before publishing it.

Some sections of Craigslist require phone verification before posting to eliminate automated spam.

All in all

We explained a full guide on how to get real estate leads from craigslist. This article mentioned the positive points of generating real estate leads from craigslist. The full process was clarified for you to know the complete steps.

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