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7 Essential Real Estate Marketing Materials Agents Need

One of the big issues in marketing is the materials you use for marketing. So, what are the real estate marketing materials to generate more leads that every agent needs essentially? In this article, you are going to have a practical and efficient real estate marketing checklist to run your business. 

What Are Real Estate Marketing Materials?

Throughout history, realtor marketing materials have always seen subtle changes. For example, handing out flyers or giving business cards to your visitors has always been on the list of real estate marketing supplies. However, in our rapid era, you are watching an apocalyptic change in ways of marketing. You’re right; the technology. 

The Internet has created a new space in our world in every aspect you can imagine. For example, we live in this pandemics era and focus on the Internet more than ever. Moreover, Internet has created new opportunities even to develop more worlds; Social Media. As a result, if you consider these new worlds with their capabilities, you’ll have more chances to win your marketing. So, digital marketing has filled many parts of realtor marketing materials. 

On the other hand, science has proved that your traditional manual marketing can have significant effects. However, it doesn’t mean you should use them in the old ways. There are always better updates, even for your old stuff. 

So, let’s get deeper into every material you need for real estate marketing. 

Digital Real Estate Marketing Materials

In the first place, you’d better understand how to market real estate digitally as the digital world is growing fast. 


According to New York Times, more than 60% of first-time homebuyers offered their property without a personal touch in the US. Besides, more stats are showing that you will find your homes based on online communications. However, you need to know where to start your online real estate marketing. 

Websites are the cores of digital or online marketing. Even social media platforms and email marketing can boost your traffic if you have a website. There are many reasons for it, psychologically and technologically. 

Technologically speaking, you can base your realtor marketing product on your website. Then promote them in other fields. Afterwards, you may track down your customer relationships with your website easier than any other marketing material. On the other hand, people will tend to trust more if you have a website rather than a social media that anyone can run. So, running a website is more trustable psychologically. 

Social Media Marketing Materials

Social media is replacing websites when the issue is how much time people spend on their digital lives. So, the more views you have, the more customers you can make. 

In spite of the crucial need to have a website, many successful realtors started their real estate marketing from social media platforms. 

One essential thing that matters the most is which social medial is best among other marketing materials for realtors. The answer, whatever it is, should have three attributes at least:

  1. Popularity
  2. Visual engagement
  3. Business tools and insights

YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram are the best three candidates for real estate marketing. However, each has different methods of marketing and growing your account. 

Email Marketing Materials

One of the marketing materials for real estate agents that many realtors overlook is email marketing. According to statistics, more than 63% of email marketing campaigns seem to have a meaningful result. Meanwhile, many unprofessional experiences may suggest that email marketing is a kind of spam.

Print Real Estate Marketing Materials

How many times does a person buy a house? This is a good question helping you understand that people are sensitive to home buying. So, they want to visit their future homes in person. Thus, what you have to do here is making them feel realistic. And, what’s more real than a printed real estate marketing material?

Real Estate Business Cards

Everyone near your previous customer can be a potential customer. The last sentence refers to the fact that you should promote your job through your loyal customers. To do that, you should design your business card and spread them as you can. However, the best ones are your customers or those who just visit your real estate. 

Remember the previous sections that were about updating old methods? Now, it’s time. A QR code on your business card will help your customers find your website and take much time there. 


You can captivate people’s attention if you create a well-designed brochure about your target homes. This is one of the best marketing materials for realtors who think about featuring their products. 

Your brochure can also have a digital aspect. As you may know, a Facebook business account can help you create catalogs or brochures about the homes you have as targets. Moreover, a QR code can make your customers reach you more accessible. 


You probably imagine handing out flyers to passers-by when you hear the word “flyer”. However, studies show that it’s effective and conversable. It is because home-buyers are always in a hurry, and they want to get to a nearby real estate as fast as possible. So, why not a try?

You may want to think about whether there are digital flyers or not. Well, it’s good thinking 😉. Using designing tools will help you create digital flyers. Consequently, send or attach them to your website, social media platforms, and your email lists. 


You can develop postcards with coupon codes for discounts or any other advantage for those using that code. Although postcards can act as flyers, they are different in usage.

Designing a postcard or a flyer is time-consuming. So, it’s better to know some software to create real estate video and image templates and get your job easier. 

What Tools Do Real Estate Agents Use?

After knowing the most efficient real estate marketing materials, you are ready to check out some of the best tools to do them comfortably. Firstly, you get familiar with a well-designed CRM tool for creating and managing social media accounts for lead generation. Secondly, you should know about one of the best designing tools that makes you develop templates quickly. And thirdly, a tool for taking notes will help you in many cases. 

RealtorMate (The best Real Estate Marketing Tool)

RealtorMate is probably all you need for real estate social media marketing. To clarify, you can have a CRM, social media account management, lead generation, scheduling tool if you’d like to use RealtorMate. Let’s see what the services are in detail. 

RealtorMate as A Lead Generation and Social Media Account Management Tool

With RealtorMate, you can assign any task concerning creating and designing content and growing your account to a dedicated account manager. To do that specifically, you’ll need to identify your desired hashtags, locations, and your competitors. After an intelligent AI module finds your targets, the account manager will start to find leads and turn them into customers. Since the process doesn’t have any automated feature, you will be safe against suspective behavior. 

To know more about how RealtorMate works, watch the following video. 

In summary, RealtorMate services include:

  • AI targeted follower list
  • Grow around 400 new and relevant followers monthly
  • Manual growth activities such as liking, following, and unfollowing
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Creation and scheduling content
  • Professional feed design

RealtorMate as A Scheduling Tool

If you want to take the responsibility of creating content on Instagram, RealtorMate still lets you use its unrivalled features. For example, you can schedule contest posts, Stories, feed posts, and even IGTVs. Besides, you can post any content you are tagged on and repost any content using the hashtag and account filters. 

RealtorMate provides you with some additional template providers for both images and videos to help you create content more easily. 

You can read some of RealtorMate’s features in the following list:

  • Hashtag and account monitoring
  • Scheduling any Instagram content for multiple accounts
  • RealtorMate’s Social calendar; helping you prepare for general occasions in advance
  • Providing images and videos from professional designing tools

RealtorMate as a CRM Tool

RealtorMate allows you to communicate with all your customers who engage with your Instagram account without using the app. To do that, you’ll have a smooth and beautiful dashboard on RealtorMate’s web-based software. If you connect your Instagram account, you won’t need the Instagram app anymore to access your direct messages. 

Moreover, you can automate your process of sending DMs to your favorite contacts. Since it’s altering words, it will be safe regarding the Instagram terms of use. Besides, you can archive your DMs to your email or even interact with your followers on your email. 

RealtorMate Additional Features

There are even further features that RealtorMate has to use Instagram for real estate agents. For instance, you can use your bio link to drive your customers to your website, buy, or make an appointment. There will be no limits for the number of links you’d like to add to your bio. You can also add your other social accounts with relevant and eye-catching pixels. 

On the other hand, you can use RealtorMate’s analytics to measure your progress and find your weak points. 

RealtorMate Plans and Prices

RealtorMate is very flexible with the prices based on your requirements. For example, if you want to use RealtorMate as a scheduling tool (Postmate plan), it has a specific price. Along with a free plan with limited features, you’ll have the option of four different plans. The Essential, Postmate, Growthmate, and VIP plans will respectively cost you 49$, 129$, 299$, and 399$ per month. 


Canva is an excellent app for producing real estate marketing materials to create compelling and significant images and videos. Creating an account on its website will allow you to upload photos, search for quality images, and design your content. Canva will help you save multiple templates for rapid content creation for both pictures and videos. So, if you want to design business cards, flyers, and postcards, don’t ignore Canva. 

Canva Plans and Prices

Canva has a free plan, but you can use only some of its design and template features. Thus, you have to purchase its pro or enterprise plans. The Canva’s purchasable plans cost you from 17.98$ to 200$ per month. 


With Evernote, you can capture any idea and find them quickly afterward. Generally, Evernote is like a wallet software that will help you in many tiny things that matter actually. Some of its features are:

  • Create unlimited notes
  • Clip website pages
  • Sync unlimited devices
  • Connect primary Google Calendar accounts
  • Manage tasks in one place
  • Create custom templates

Evernote Plans and Prices

The good news about Evernote is that it has a free plan. However, it doesn’t provide many down-to-earth features unless you buy its high-value plans. It has personal and professional plans that will cost you monthly 7.99$ and 9.99$ in order. 

Final Decision

First of all, you need to realize that marketing has many new forms nowadays. So, try to apply any real estate marketing materials, and don’t focus on one. Secondly, try to use all the gadgets that are available in the market. There is no way you can compete in real estate marketing without practical and time-savior tools. 

And finally, remember that success is a journey, not a goal. Good marketing!

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