A professional realtor should care about real estate videos since these videos can make your business grow rapidly. In other words, effective real estate videos can penetrate your crowded market and open new doors.

Why Are Real Estate Videos Important?

We all know that video-based materials can be more eye-catching. They can help your business stay in mind for a much longer time. 

Additionally, based on the National Association of Realtors, online video sites have become more popular. You know why? Because 36% of people use video as an informative source during the home search.

Using videos as a part of real estate content ideas can increase the chance of success for your business. These videos must be produced professionally and promoted effectively.

Shooting a real estate video is all about introducing motion into a still environment. So we need to consider them as we are recording real estate videos.

How Can Real Estate Videos Be More Effective?

We’ll take an in-depth look at the best style of real estate videos and the most effective ones for real estate digital marketing. We will provide some hints by looking at the different production options available.

1- Real Estate Videos Should Be Posted on Schedule

Before we want to tell you about the hints of shooting, you must consider an important issue, and it is timing. These real estate videos must be posted based on a specific schedule with a practical caption. You can hire Realtormate experts to do it on your behalf.

Having perfect videos with relevant captions is one of the real estate advertising requirements. High-quality, eye-catching, and engaging content is what makes your followers act. They can be a great source of advertisement. Realtormate experts learn about your goals and then create content that suits you the most. This content can help your brand to be known. They provide you a schedule to post your videos on social media with excellent captions and hashtags.


2- Shoot at the Proper Time

Timing and weather are both key factors for creating great real estate videos. Shooting too early in the day or after sunset can result in poor lighting for both exterior and interior videos. Try to schedule the shoot for a period in the daytime where the sun is setting behind the house to ensure you have sufficient natural light to get some beautiful videos. This also gives you the option of shooting the exterior during the golden hour, right before sunset, which can result in some stunning videos.

Check the weather before the shoot to ensure there are no rain or storm clouds in the forecast, as these factors can make it challenging to get the lighting you need.

3- Shoot as Professionally as Possible

When you shoot like a pro, it may help your business ultimately. Believe this hint and apply it. As you hire professionals and use elegant techniques to produce your real estate videos, therefore, your clients could be moved. 

In other words, they think again about who they are dealing with. It can convince them to accept your offers.

Imagine you shoot your real estate videos by a drone. You grab a few shots in the front and back of the house. Then, take it to the sky to get a bird’s eye view of the property and the lot. This cinematic shoot can blow the clients’ minds.


4- Always Edit Your Videos

One of the downsides of using a wide-angle lens for real estate videos is that it can create some distortion in your videos and make certain areas in a video appear warped or slightly off. But the upside is that you can correct this issue when you edit your videos. Shoot your video in raw and then set aside some time to edit them to perfection, or outsource the editing to a professional editor if you have the means and are short on time.

Easily adjust issues like distortion by using the lens correction feature in the editing software to ensure your videos look clean and distortion-free. You can also remedy any varying light temperature issues in your videos, such as one room with hot lighting or yellow tones that don’t look great. Use the adjustment brush feature in the editing software to fix this issue. Make sure all of your real estate videos have consistent lighting so they look professional.

5- Use Various Video Ideas

We all know that an Instagram account or any social media can be fed with various videos. These real estate videos should be exciting and informative. The other point that we need to consider is their topic. These videos should cover a different subject, not just your listings and properties. Here we offer you some creative ideas to shoot videos. These videos can be interview videos, live-stream videos, home buyer/seller advice videos, special offer videos, and neighborhood/community videos. 

Above all, you need to pay attention to some details as you are shooting any of these videos. Imagine that you are shooting a video of a home buyer/ seller. The most crucial point is hashtagging their page and names. A hashtag is a very practical tool that can improve your business. Experts can help you in this field. Realtormate offers you a useful set of relevant hashtags. These top real estate hashtags can improve your engagement rate. Thus, you have more active followers who want to do a trade.


To sum up

We tried to offer a comprehensive guide for shooting real estate videos. This article covers all aspects of a perfect real estate video. We introduced some practical ideas for a creative video and some technical hints for shooting the best real estate videos. They can be really helpful.

This post was last modified on February 13, 2021 17:25