Real estate social media marketing services have changed due to the impact of COVID-19. It has affected the real estate business, well. Since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, social distancing and quarantine rules have made in-person business challenging.

Property buyers and sellers have also become more cautious and apprehensive when it comes to dealing with real estate agents.

Are Real Estate Social Media Marketing Services Important?

Due to these changes, it has become necessary for agents to adjust their strategies based on real estate social media marketing services.

In other words, during these times, it has been vital to do everything possible to generate real estate leads, while protecting yourself and your clients from contracting and spreading the virus. Therefore, we can see that those realtors who are seeking real estate social media marketing services have increased dramatically.

If you want to have an advantage over your competition in 2021, you must be prepared to change over time and adapt your real estate marketing plan to the new normal.

Therefore, you can use some real estate social media marketing services to help you start and expand your business.

What are Real Estate Social Media Marketing Services?

The marketing services that can be found based on social media are numerous. Here, a list of the main real estate marketing services expected in 2021 is highlighted to help you understand the future of real estate agents.

On the other hand, by considering these services you can specify your strategy and walk through it.

1- Choosing the Most Useful Social Media

Starting in 2021, digital real estate marketing will be the norm for real estate professionals. Therefore, choosing the best and most practical social media can be a tough and important question to answer.

Even real estate professionals who have previously been reluctant to embrace technology will have no choice but to take advantage of various digital tools to boost their lead generation and most of them are trying to participate in this digital life.

Many people now work from home, most of them will depend on the Internet to find real estate agents to help them buy or sell a property and these people are mostly active on Instagram.

They are engaging with different businesses on this social media. Specifically, when it comes to social media, the numbers are more comparable. On Facebook, the average engagement rate is 0.09%. Engagement on Instagram was significantly higher last year, with an average engagement rate of 1.6% but only 0.18% in 2020. Twitter shows an average engagement rate of only 0.045%.

Therefore, more than ever, it is critical that all real estate agents have a strong Instagram presence. Since many people are homebound, they tend to spend a lot of time on Instagram and some other social media.

Agents involved in both buying and selling real estate are stepping up their Instagram marketing game by increasing investment in Instagram ads and consistently producing quality content.

There are some companies that can give you a hand in real estate social media marketing services.

Professionals Needed on Instagram

One way that real estate agents are expected to take advantage of Instagram in 2021 is through the use of some companies that can provide them with the best choices of this platform. One of these companies is Realtormate.


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This group can help you in different aspects. They can aid you to win the game on Instagram by providing different services. Furthermore, they can give a personal Instagram assistant who can help with some professional tips on content or other issues. They can design your posts and provide a content plan for you.

Anytime you need a post approval or so on, they are ready to support you.

By checking this group, you can see that they have a strong dashboard. They check your Instagram GROWTH, and they have a SCHEDULER that can arrange to post other operations in an appropriate sequence.

The ones mentioned here are real estate marketing services that any realtor needs when they want to start their business on social media.

2- Virtual Visits

Guided home visits in person are also a challenge in the current situation. Real estate agents are moving from open houses to virtual tours to make the buying process easier and safer for clients.

The fact that people can purchase homes remotely from the comfort of their homes has fueled real estate marketing efforts.

The value of real estate video marketing is clear to agents and the trend is sure to continue in 2021.

One of the platforms that can support you to have the best virtual visits is Instagram. It can help you by stories and IGTV tools to have the best ones.

3- Content Marketing

Due to the current reality of COVID-19, real estate agents are shifting their focus to less expensive real estate social media marketing services.

It has become necessary for them to reduce their expenses to keep their business afloat during these periods of economic uncertainty. Thus, this requires that they move away from direct marketing.

As real estate agents and other entrepreneurs aim to establish differentiation in their respective markets, content marketing is one of the most effective ways to do so.

Consider this point that real estate is a very interesting niche to create content.

An inexpensive real estate lead generation strategy that agents are spending more time in is producing useful content for potential clients through blogs, Zoom webinars, and YouTube videos. Moreover, content marketing has been shown to produce approximately three times as many leads per dollar as paid search.

Furthermore, this helps real estate agents establish themselves as authorities in the industry.

To wrap it up

In this blog, we tried to introduce three real estate social media marketing services. We explained that besides all these services, Instagram as a popular social media, could help you the most to improve your business. Besides, a professional group like Realtormate can help you out in this game.

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