Real Estate Marketing Assistant Duties

Real Estate Marketing Assistant Duties

We all can see that the world is drastically changing and real estate marketing is following the same pattern. By all these online devices and apps, smartphones, tablets, and social networks, demands and responsibilities have changed a lot. If you want to have success you would definitely need a real estate marketing assistant. But this assistant is different from all those assistants you can see for computer issues.

According to statistical information 13% of realtors demand an assistant for their work. Real estate marketing assistant responsibilities include assisting in organizing campaigns and developing marketing strategies.

This work will be a critical factor for the smooth operation of the marketing department and the attainment of its goals, as well as for the long-term growth of the company.

What Do the Real Estate Marketing Assistants Do?

Real estate marketing duties can be different since it depends on what the agent may ask them. Based on the agent’s mentality it might be a range of administrative chores that the agent can’t spend time on them or some other responsibilities with more creativity needed. Here we are going to provide you with these varieties of responsibilities.

Gathering Data and Analyzing It

The most important issue in this digital life is data. The more you have, the more successful you can be. For a busy agent, it can be a big problem. With tools like Google Analytics, a marketing assistant can gather and interpret data on everything from website traffic to email opens, helping you hone your content to engage more and better prospects.

Real Estate Marketing Assistant Duties

SEO Issues

The search rank that your website is gaining has a direct correlation with the success that you achieve in your industry. And when it comes to the real estate marketing competitive industry you can feel it much more.

One of the most important real estate marketing assistant duties is taking care of all the little technical tasks and details associated with optimizing your posts for search engines and visitors alike, including rafting search-friendly titles and Meta descriptions and finding great images. All these can help you to get found and ranked higher.

Advertising Strategies

Generally speaking, the agents are not spending time on online ads so much since they don’t have time, or they are familiar with this category. A real estate marketing assistant should manage this. He can handle this duty by researching target keywords, writing ad copy, and managing pay-per-click ad campaigns for the company.

Creating Great Content

What we create can speak. This is the crucial real estate marketing assistant duty. As far as our followers are eager to read our content and watch our videos or photos we can believe to be successful. It is really hard to write perfectly, and it needs experience, creativity, and literature.

The other responsibility can be choosing excellent photos of a property. There are a lot of shots from the same property. You can give professional comments to choose the best out of them for your Instagram for example.

Marketing assistants can help you do it as well as possible by planning and generating daily or weekly blog posts, creating email newsletters and marketing campaigns, and even writing marketing copy for your real estate website.

Lead Management and Public Relations

Agents nowadays have a wide range of possibilities to find new leads. It might be really hard for them to follow all of them. A real estate marketing assistant can give you a hand.

He can manage the widest parts of your sales by managing social media accounts and following fresh leads through email. With this wide range of social media apps, a professional one can give a great opportunity to be seen. Imagine you have accounts on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

All these accounts should be controlled by a unique style to provide the followers the same stylish material with the same mentality. It could be done by some experts either because it itself is a lot of work. One of the best ones is Realtormate. This pioneer group can provide you with the most practical content for your social networks especially Instagram.

Real Estate Marketing Assistant Duties

Audience Professional

With a great real estate marketing assistant, you have the chance of having different communities which are following you. Imagine your community has a substantial immigrant population, an assistant with relevant language skills and cultural ties can help you reach new markets you couldn’t tap into on your own.

Updating Database

The statistical information that you must have about the communities, the ethnic priorities, the rivals’ information and data, some related political and financial information can play a role. All these data must be gathered by the real estate marketing assistant to help the agent to make the right decision.

Preparing and Delivering Promotional Presentations

This new style of gathering attention is working. You as a real estate marketing assistant must be able to prepare the best promotional presentations to absorb your followers all over the vicinity.

Communicating Abilities

A real estate marketing assistant must be able to communicate directly with clients and encourage trusting relationships with them. You may say it as the duty of an agent. You are right. But consider this issue that a marketing assistant is connecting with the clients on online social networks. So having this ability is really necessary.

By looking at these duties you can choose a good assistant who can do them all right, but there is another point that must be regarded.

The last word

We should consider this point that hiring a real estate marketing assistant is not an easy decision to make. Since this person must be able to do different tasks. This employee should be multiple tasks.

For a real estate business with a small market, having an assistant is a big risk. It might not cost beneficial. But if you are a successful realtor, and you are looking at the future for having it more profitable, so hiring a professional real estate marketing assistant can provide much better opportunities. Don’t miss it.

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