Real estate photo ideas have become a necessary asset in the race to sell properties quickly.

The search habits of potential buyers have changed, and today they rely on web pages with moving photos to make a first sift on the properties that interest them. Therefore, today it is very important to have good real estate photos on your website.

Added to this, it is precisely on the internet where real estate photo ideas have been widely developed. Their great potential for selling real estate has been discovered.

In the article, we offer some tips for real estate photography to take into account, as well as how to develop real estate photo ideas that are up to par with the properties you sell.

Photos are for Your Website and Instagram

Believe it or not, photography is unimaginably important in this industry. The photos that you take are going to be shown on your website or Instagram account. In other words, these photos are the windows that your clients are looking inside.

 If what you want is to get quality images that attract more customers than the classic images you make with your mobile, you should not only have a good camera.

Besides, it is necessary to have innovative real estate photo ideas that we will review in this article.

Plan Carefully What You Are Going to Photograph

A real estate photo report is more than just a series of images of empty rooms.

Houses, buildings, or mansions are like people. To distinguish one from the other, we must highlight their most eye-catching characteristics.

Therefore, the real estate agent in charge of taking the images must carefully plan what they want to photograph of each property. It must be so awesome that clients can distinguish it from the thousands out there.

You can use some apps for helping you in this case. One of the best apps is Realtormate. It can give you some tips to take the best photos. One of these services is post and schedule. Here they provide you some practical tips to take the best shot, or they use the most professional photographer to do it for you.

Consider the Environment for Real Estate Photo Ideas

The environment is fundamental in any catalog of properties on a web page. Because a house is not only square meters, but the neighborhood, the schools, the views, and the nearby shops should be considered.

Therefore, when you photograph a property, do not stay with the idea that your work begins in the hall and ends in the last of the rooms, the environment is also important. Particularly, you must take photos from the environment in a way that catches people’s eyes. Imagine a photo from a bird that is feeding a chick showing the neighborhood in the background. It would be amazing.

Real Estate Photo Ideas don’t Mean Different Lenses

We know that the same property can be photographed from thousands of angels with very uneven results.

That is why it is convenient that in each place you ask yourself, how can I highlight the best of this room? What first impression do I want?

We recommend that you photograph a room from the farthest point, having cleared the space if the house is furnished.

For example, in the image you can see on these lines, an attempt has been made to cover the entire room so that in a single image we can appreciate the uniqueness of the space. It is spacious, it has pleasant views of nature, the kitchen is furnished and has a modern floor and excellent condition.

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All this in a single attractive and bright image, which invites you to contact the seller.

On the contrary, this image only manages to make us dizzy and make us lose interest in the property, which is probably of the same quality as the previous one.

We strongly recommend that you avoid using the fisheye in your images because it does not make the room appear larger or more attractive, it simply distorts the image and causes you to lose any distinctive elements that could make a difference.

Right Time Can Give You Creative Real Estate Photo Ideas

Choosing the right time is very important for real estate photographs. Daytime is the best time to shoot. If you have the opportunity, use it. This way, you will get a lot of natural light and bright and saturated colors in your pictures.

The cloudy weather is another time for shooting. Some people like to photograph real estate during the sunset. Undoubtedly, you can get very beautiful shots in this period of the day.

However, you should consider one very important aspect. The sun should be behind the house. Thus, you will get wonderful lighting in this position.

Turn On All the Lights

This is one of the basic but at the same time very useful tips for real estate photography. Turning the lights on and off, you can achieve different effects. It all depends on your goals. For example, the additional light will give some warmth and coziness to your pictures.

Nevertheless, you should remember that such photos require light temperature correction during further photo editing.

Working with the lights off will bring you a balanced temperature, but such pictures will look quite cold.

Real Estate Photo Ideas are connected with Creative Angles

The interior of the room shouldn’t be photographed from the corner. Such photos look very trivial. Trying to find more interesting and unusual angles is a very important thing in real estate photography.

For example, you can shoot a room from a doorway. Thus, you may capture the maximum amount of space and show the whole room. Also, pay attention to details. If you notice any distracting elements, such as a picture or some pieces of furniture, remove them from the frame to create a laconic and clear image.

Add Life and Style to Your Photos

A bouquet of flowers and a bowl of fruit can bring life and style without breaking the bank. Try just one color; all green apples or all red roses.

Get rid of stacks of paper, trash cans, spices and oils in the kitchen, and toiletries in the bathroom, and stage interiors for best results.

Kitchens look best when they are open and clear. Therefore, remove all kitchen devices from countertops. Toasters, blenders, shakers, and spices should all be placed away.

To wrap it up

In this blog, we tried to make you familiar with real estate photo ideas. They can help you move up in this business, so try to consider them. An excellent photo guarantees your success. You can take the advantage of some professionals, either. Realtormate can help you so much in this category.

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