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4 Big Property Turnoffs That Can Prevent Real Estate Agents from Closing a Deal


The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the landscape of real estate. With so many people working from home, there has been a greater demand for a desirable living space given their current circumstances, among other reasons. This is good news for any real estate agent, as it increases the chances of closing more deals. 

However, it is better to go above and beyond, as an increased demand is not enough to ensure potential buyer satisfaction. One incredibly helpful process is for a real estate agent to receive feedback from buyers during showings, as it gives indispensable and real-time input on any property. Taking this feedback into consideration can guide the agent and the seller in making the appropriate changes to the house and transforming it into something that’s desirable more desirable to buyers. 

Managing feedback can be quite difficult given the sheer number of clients and showings you may have, but there are convenient software tools like “Showing Pro” which can assist you in doing just that. For more information, click here:

Although no two buyers are the same in terms of preferences, there are common elements that can make it difficult or near impossible for them to purchase the property you are handling, and knowing these property turnoffs is always a good way of achieving reliable results. 

You can find the four big property turnoffs that can prevent you from closing a deal below: 

Dishonest Advertising and Pricing

No one appreciates being made a fool of, especially when buyers have put in a lot of effort—their life savings, even— in producing the finances to purchase a property. Pricing a property at an inflated rate compared to its actual value not only dissuades a buyer from completing the deal, but may tarnish your reputation as a real estate agent as well. 

Alongside dishonest pricing is false advertising: showing pictures of a property that are not in line with how it actually looks like. Any buyer would feel terrible for having gone through all the trouble of viewing a property, only to find out that it did not match the qualities they thought it possessed. 

Things Are Not Neutral, Clean, and Organized

Ensuring that a property maintains a neutral appearance does not mean that it should be devoid of any personality. The problem that often pushes away potential buyers is an excessive amount of personality.  Heavy decor, wallpapers, family pictures strewn about the house, and eye-sore paint colors may feel like they are making the home more lived-in, but they are more likely to make buyers feel as though they are intruding on someone else’s private space. You want to assure buyers that the property is a blank canvas that they can truly make their own, rather than a glaring hand-me-down from a stranger. 

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As for cleanliness and organization, these two elements should be a given when showing any property. This includes removing any unpleasant or strong odors that may assault the senses, as well as clutter and trash around the property. The home should be well-maintained, as most people are turned off by any form of disrepair and neglect. Places inside the house should not only be clean, but also organized enough to showcase a generous amount of space.

Converted Spaces and Pools

If a property has any converted spaces, it is best to have them re-converted—especially the garage. The reason for re-converting a space is quite similar to keeping the house neutral: you do not want the buyers to feel constricted to whatever purpose the seller was using a particular room for. As for the garage, a lack of parking space is enough to dissuade many buyers, but a converted space that could clearly be used as a garage may stop you from closing the deal. 

Any kind of pool within the property should also be removed. Pools may seem like a luxury item that no buyer can resist, but they are actually intrusive and bothersome for most. Additionally, the maintenance costs and increased insurance premiums of an in-ground pool may also deter potential buyers.  

Sellers Are Bothering Potential Buyers

Though this factor seems to stand out—considering all the other previously mentioned elements that are linked to the physical appearance and maintenance of a property—it is just as crucial in closing a deal. Some sellers may have the tendency to stay within the property while buyers are viewing it. This should be avoided at all costs, no matter how much a seller wants to discuss the value and desirability of their home.

Buyers do not appreciate the pressure posed by having the seller around, as many would much prefer to think about their decision and view the house in private. The presence of a seller will only prevent them from communicating their honest thoughts on the property and giving the necessary feedback you may need for future negotiations. 

Taking the time to be more upfront with potential buyers as well as keeping the property clean and neutral can mean the difference between successfully selling a house and a lost sale. While it does take some effort to achieve these things, it can certainly pay off in the end. After all, putting your best foot forward by presenting a home at its peak is a great show of salesmanship that closes any deal. 


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