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How Can You Advertise Real Estate on Instagram?


Instagram is a great tool for real estate companies to get the most out of their social media strategy. If you want to advertise real estate on Instagram, there are a few important things to consider.

Using Instagram well means something more than posting images regularly. In other words, you should care about what goes on around you.

Remember that advertising real estate on Instagram is not just about publishing properties for sale or rent; instead, you must add value to your followers to reach your business goals.

Also, you should think about the kind of content you post. Instagram allows pictures, short videos, stories, and more! Use the best of Instagram features and grab your customer’s attention.

How Can You Advertise Real Estate on Instagram?

Knowing how and when to use Instagram real estate strategies requires careful thought and planning. Here we will give you the best tips to advertise real estate on Instagram and capture the attention of potential customers.

Images and Videos Can Speak Out

Instagram as a visual platform is the perfect choice for a company that needs to present its products visually. It may not be the largest social network, but it continues to grow rapidly. If you use Instagram wisely, you could benefit in the following ways.

Each social media platform is useful in its own way. Instagram offers real estate agents a new way to find their audience and collects interested parties. When it comes to real estate on Instagram, it’s the photos and videos that stand out. People see Instagram real estate images when scrolling or laid out in a grid, which means you need eye-catching images to get their attention.

Advertising real estate on Instagram with photos and videos can be done in one of the following ways. Here we are going to introduce these different advertisement methods based on visual materials.

1- Photo Advertisement

Photo ads include a single image, plus a call-to-action banner and a description.

Imagine a photo ad of a gorgeous woman inside a very nice room standing and looking outside at nature on the first of summer. This ad looks similar to other images that people typically post. Actually, it keeps users interested in the message instead of instantly dismissing it as an ad. It would also be a well-timed and targeted ad.

The beginning of summer is typically when people are trying to get a new property.

As a result, by sending users to a landing page with the same image as the post, the brand creates harmony between the Instagram ad and the web page. This promotes consistency and ensures users that they are brought to the right place.

2- Slideshow Advertisements

With slideshow ads, you can upload up to 10 images, choose the image duration, and add music to be played during the slideshow. The slideshow will be played on a loop and can be up to 50 seconds.

Instagram was built on sharing awesome photographs, and the images used in an ad look perfectly put together. Having a great call to action is not enough; to advertise real estate on Instagram, you need to hook the audience’s attention for them to pause long enough to see your offer for the property you are suggesting.

3- Carousel Advertisements

Carousel ads are similar to slideshow ads, except for the images playing on a loop; you swipe through the images.

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This works well for the real estate industry since users can look at the images that interest them. The downside is that many people aren’t used to swiping through images on Instagram since only advertisers can create this type of post. So, some people might not know that there is more to your ad.

Advertise real estate on Instagram through carousel ads depends too much on how professional the photos are to catch users’ eyes. An expert group like Realtormate could do this.

The photos should also have a cohesive concept and look. The photo of the property can be taken in different ways from different angles. Plus, you can tell that all of the images are part of the same room or property. Be careful that the ad contains a direct call to action. 

4- Video Advertisements

Instagram allows up to 60 seconds of video length for video ads. You can include sound with your video, but it’s a good idea to include captions as well since the video will be played automatically on mute.

Video ads are great because the moving images grab the user’s attention immediately. So to advertise real estate on Instagram with video ads, you can take some Heli Shots or other interesting video shots that encourage users to watch and remember them.

Combine Spontaneity and Plan to Advertise better

A social media strategy is crucial for your marketing efforts to be successful. You need to know what your goals are on social media and how you want to achieve them. You also have to think specifically about your real estate marketing goals on Instagram.

To work on your social media marketing goals, first of all, you must consider your overall business goals. Then you can think about how social media, especially Instagram, can help you. Set goals if you want to be successful in advertising real estate on Instagram.

Planning is important, but there is also something to be said for spontaneity. You should make an effort to advertise spontaneous real estate content on Instagram, especially if you are attending events or perhaps a meeting with a client. It is important to know when to be spontaneous and when to plan. These events could be a great chance to advertise real estate on Instagram.

For example, it’s often best to plan a short script for real estate Instagram Stories because you only have 15 seconds to say what you want to say. For some things, you can create a rough plan or schedule but leave the actual content for a more immediate decision.

Vary What is Communicated

When you want to advertise real estate on Instagram, make sure that you use different types of Instagram content and vary the subject of your Instagram posts. Each content type offers you many options for advertising on different topics. You have many ways to be creative and to get your followers interested. Moreover, you have to think about how to encourage people to contact you.

Growing your following is a start for the Instagram real estate business, but you also want some of your followers to become clients. Adding a call to action to your posts and using Instagram to get real estate agents to display your listings are two ways to convert followers into customers.

The content of your listings can take many forms, but it is not the only thing you can publish. Think about what you can share about industry events before, during, and after the event. Post about the local area or share computer graphics of what people are looking for in a home.

All in all

Instagram advertising is excellent to get your business in front of new prospects. Although it’s not always easy when you’re just initiating, it can be fun. Be innovative with your photo and video ads to engage more users with your content. You can do these issues yourself, or you can ask a professional group like Realtormate to do it for you.

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